Shinedown Lights Up Denver’s Pepsi Center

July 31, 2018 - Pepsi Center, Denver, CO

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On the road supporting their new album ‘ATTENTION ATTENTION’, Shinedown and co-headliners Godsmack, joined by New Zealand’s own Like A Storm, rolled into the Pepsi Center to light up the stage. That’s exactly what they did.

As the crowd was making their way back to their seats or inching ever closer to the stage, myself and the other photographers made our way to the front of the stage while looking at the white curtain and seeing the shadows of crew making the final preparations for Shinedown‘s set.

The curtain dropped, the fireworks boomed and the stage lit up. Shinedown exploded into their song, “Sound of Madness” and the house began rocking. As guitarist Zach Myers and bassist Eric Bass made their way to the front of the stage, vocalist Brent Smith came down the ramp that was in front of drummer Barry Kerch. Amid fireworks and smoke, Smith was pouring out his vocals to the cheering fans.

As each member moved about the stage interacting with their fans, fireworks would explode at key moments during the song, then the flame throwers that were on either side of drummer Barry Kerch, would light up the stage. As the first song was reaching the end, vocalist Brent Smith moved down the ramp towards the crowd and the fireworks exploded even louder as Brent Smith belted out…. “WELCOME TO THE SHOW!” Even though I had deep ear plugs in, the roar from the crowd rang in my ears.

Shinedown did not slow down, moving right into “Diamond Eyes” their second song. With their array of laser lights, fireworks and flame throwers, they moved through their second song. When that song ended, singer Brent Smith moved to the center of the stage and asked the crowd, “who is seeing Shinedown for the first time” and then asked who had seen them before. He spoke briefly to the crowd, basically saying, we all here together as friends and to enjoy the show, then asking everyone turn the ones next to them and shake their hands and make new friends.

With that, I found myself staring at Smith‘s hand as he reached down to shake hands with me and then other photographers. From there they broke into “Cut the Cord” and continued the same way they started the night. I got to my seat as they started, “I’ll Follow You” and I watched as the overhead lights moved about with their music. The laser lights danced across the stage, out over the crowd, all while the flame throwers and fireworks heated up the stage as the band moved from song to song. When the band finished the song, “Second Chance”, they left the stage and my thought was, ok, now we can all catch our breath.

After a few minutes, a light lit up a platform at the opposite end of the arena from where the stage was and there stood vocalist Brent Smith and guitarist Zach Myers. Smith spoke to the crowd briefly about life, being positive and when things were tough, turn to family and friends. Then they performed the song, “45”. As they finished the song, the crowd showed their appreciation, then they moved into, “Simple Man” and the crowd joined in singing with them.

They returned to the main stage for their last song of the night, “Devil”. After all of the special effects were done and the smoke was clearing, these four gentlemen known as Shinedown, walked to the front of the stage and took their final bows to a very appreciative crowd of their fans, I along with them.

Shinedown are:
Brent Smith – vocals
Barry Kerch – drums
Zach Myers – guitars
Eric Bass – bass

Sound of Madness
Diamond Eyes
Cut the Cord
How Did You Love
I’ll Follow You
Get Up
Black Soul
State of My Head
Second Chance
Simple Man

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