Godsmack Performs Live at Denver’s Pepsi Center

July 31, 2018 - Pepsi Center, Denver, CO

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Godsmack made their return to Denver, CO on July 31st supporting their new album, ‘When Legends Rise’.

When the curtain dropped, Godsmack broke into the song, “When Legends Rise” from the new album. From there they continued to roll through their songs along with the special effects of the flame throwers lining up with and around drummer Shannon Larkin‘s drum riser. They went on to perform “1000hp” from their 2014 album, ‘1000hp’ and “Cryin like a Bitch” from their 2009 album, ‘The Oracle’.

I must admit, I was struggling to get into their performance. I just wasn’t feeling the energy from the band. They sounded good and I was enjoying the music but the energy from their show wasn’t there for me.  I didn’t feel the energy from the crowd’s response either.

When the dueling drums came out, their energy level rose and I believe everyone enjoyed that part of the show. Shortly after that, vocalist Sully Erna took to the crowd and asked who was seeing them for the first time and those who had seen Godsmack before. Then he went on getting the crowd on either side of him to yell the loudest. Then the microphone he picked up did not work and Erna went into a little rant in front of the audience. Then as luck would have it, the guitar he was handed also did not work. In my opinion, the way he handled it with his guitar tech in front of the fans was unprofessional. He took it a step further by wanting the crowd to join in with him, to which many of the fans did not. After all that, it was tough for me to enjoy the rest of their show.

They finished the evening with “I Stand Alone” from their 2003 album, ‘Faceless’.

Godsmack are:
Sully Erna – Vocals & Stuff
Tony Rombola – Guitar & Vocals
Robbie Merrill – 4 String Thing
Shannon Larkin – Drums & Concussions

When Legends Rise
Keep Away
Cryin’ Like a Bitch
Say My Name
Batalla de los tambores
I Stand Alone

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