Manimal Purgatorio is Set to Unleash the Full Force of Metal

Manimal Purgatorio

Album: Purgatorio
Label: AFM Records
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: September 7,2018

The Gothenburg sound strikes again with Manimal Purgatorio

Manimal‘s latest release ‘Purgatorio’ is due to release on September 7th via AFM Records. I have to tell you, if you’ve never listened to Manimal before, you are missing out!

‘Purgatorio’ will be the third release following ‘The Darkest Room’ (2009) and ‘Trapped In The Shadows’ (2015).

Before I even pressed play,  I’d already heard that Gothenburg producer Jakob Herrmann of Top Floor Studios had recorded this album. Just knowing that, I had a feeling this would be a great album.

You may not be familiar with Herrmann by name, but you have most certainly heard his work before. He’s worked with AnthraxEuropeMachine HeadRaised FistCyhra, Body Count, Avatar, Evergrey, Amaranthe and so many other bands that it would be hard for most listeners to never have heard his work.

Along with Herrmann‘s work, the added mastering by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios, who’s worked with artists Sepultura, Kreator, Marty Friedman, Angra, Pharrell Williams and even Icona Pop. Manimal‘s new album was in more than capable hands from the beginning to the final cut of the album and it comes through loud and clear!

When it comes to great heavy metal albums, they must have that “it” factor, something that makes the listener stop and listen closely, hanging onto every note. That’s exactly what ‘Purgatorio’ does. It makes the listener want to catch every detail in the music, vocals and lyrics. There’s plenty of push and pull throughout this album to take listeners into many different directions, creating a unique experience for everyone.

From the first track you will hear influences from Judas Priest laced into the Manimal sound! Between the distinctive guitar riffs to the high-pitched metal screams, Manimal unleashes full metal action on unsuspecting listeners!

As I moved onto the title track “Purgatorio”, the intro riff sounded so familiar to me that I had to step away and check out some other bands for bit. I couldn’t find the song I was thinking of and this will drive me crazy until I hear the song, because it’s like I’ve heard that exact riff somewhere before. Outside of that familiar bit in this track, the opening vocals fell a little flat but as the bridge came, the vocals picked up and the rest of the song was pretty solid.

Once the album progressed to track 5, “Traitor”, I found myself manically reaching for my phone because I had my earbuds in streaming from my laptop and I thought that the gps on my phone started talking because of an added female vocal in the lyrics saying “your journey starts here” in the same tone of voice of my gps! Then it hit me, it was something added to the track and I had to skip back to hear it again. Pretty funny as my office mate was laughing at me as I asked, did you hear my phone? Well played Manimal, well played! That’s one way to make sure people are paying attention!

I feel “Denial” is the track on the album that is most likely to have fans up and dancing. Yes, dancing to metal. All you need is great timing in a track, even in metal, to inspire the fans. This one has a perfectly blended rhythm and tempo to make fans want to get up and move around. 

Personally, I found myself really digging the guitar and bass in “Edge of Darkness”. The rhythm between the two was almost trance like, soothing and set to the perfect drum beat.

All in all, this album is a great release. The music was well written, the lyrics give the songs a little extra bite, and the production of it all is top-notch. Fans will really enjoy this new album.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of the new music live next month when Manimal performs at Prog Power USA on September 7th, the same date the album releases!

Manimal are:
Samuel Nyman – Vocals
Henrik Stenroos – Guitars
Kenny Boufadene – Bass
André Holmqvist – Drums

Manimal Purgatorio Tracklisting:
Black Plague
Spreading The Dread
Behind Enemy Lines
Edge Of Darkness
The Fear Within

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