Slayer Tour Demolishes Night One Of KISW Pain In The Grass 2018

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Slayer Tour Demolishes Night One Of KISW Pain In The Grass 2018 – This past Friday, local radio station 99.9 KISW hosted their annual summer concert Pain In The Grass.  This years festival spanned two days, with the first day being headlined by the godfathers of thrash metal, Slayer

The band is on their final tour that is properly called “The End Of Days“.  Having a name that strong means you have to bring strong supporting acts along with you and boy did they do that.  The current leg of the tour showcases Lamb of God, Anthrax, Testament,and Napalm Death.

Doors for the event opened at 4:00 PM at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Washington.  Fans had been in the parking lot pre-gaming and getting ready for a night of chaos.  The line started to form about an hour before doors opened.  Every few minutes you could hear a fan yell out “Slayer!” at the top of their lungs, and a good portion of the crowd standing in line reacted by yelling it back and cheering.  As the minutes crept closer to the gates opening, you could feel the excitement building and with it you could just tell it was going to be a wild night.

The first band up for the evening was grindcore legend Napalm Death.  They started their set off with the song “Multinational Corporations” off of their classic album Scum.  This got the crowd to immediately start head banging and throwing up their horns as vocalist Mark “Barney” Greenway ran all over the stage screaming into the microphone.  The half hour set was filled with many fan favorites such as “When All Is Said And Done”, “Suffer The Children”, “Scum”, You Suffer” and “Dead“.  The set came to a close with the band talking about their feelings of hatred and bigotry being cast on specific races, creeds and ethnic groups. The band then went into playing a cover of “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” by Dead Kennedy‘s.  If you get a chance to see this band live I highly suggest doing so.

The next up was Testament.  The stage was set with a massive backdrop of the album artwork for their latest record ‘Brotherhood Of The Snake’.  The set started off with the song “Brotherhood Of The Snake“.  The full floor turned into a giant mosh pit as one big circle pit opened up.  After that the band quickly went into playing their song “Rise Up” off of their album ‘Dark Roots Of The Earth‘.  The 35 minute set came to a close with the song “Over The Wall“.  Testament puts on a fun show for any fan of thrash metal. On a side note, guitarist Eric Peterson‘s side project, Dragonlord, will be releasing a new album titles Dominion’ on September 21 via Spinefarm Records.

Anthrax was third on the line up for the evening.  The band walked out onto the stage to an intro track of the Pantera song “Cowboys From Hell”.  Drummer Charlie Benante welcomed the crowd first as he ran out and waved out to the massive crowd.  The rest of the band followed and started playing the rest of the song to get the crowd pumped up for the set.  After about a minute or so vocalist Joey Belladonna entered the stage and started talking to the crowd as bassist Frank Bello began playing the bass line for the fan favorite song “Caught In A Mosh“.  Quickly the floor turned into a massive mosh pit and crowd surfers start pouring over the barrier one by one all while screaming the lyrics to the song. 

In between the songs both Belladonna and guitarist Scott Ian talked to the crowd to get them to go even more crazy.  The band tore through their next two songs which were “Got The Time” and their classic song “Madhouse“.  The highlight of their set was during the final song “Indians“.  In the middle of the song the band always tells you to do what they like to call the war dance.  Basically it is just one massive circle pit that engulfs most of the floor.  As they were playing that part Benante and Ian both stop playing.  Ian looked at the crowd and told them they could do better than that and went on to say he wanted to see a pit on the lawn.  He also told the people in the stands “get your asses out of your seats! Jump along or something. Let’s go!”.  The crowd erupted in cheers as the band yelled out “War dance!”.  When you looked around the main floor was about half engulfed by a massive circle pit and a mosh pit opened up on the lawn as well.  

Anthrax easily put on one of the most memorable sets I have ever seen in all of my years going to concerts.  If you haven’t seen them yet, do yourself a favor and see them when they come to a city near you.  They are well worth it.

The fourth band of the night was heavy metal juggernauts Lamb Of God.  Having seen this band many times I knew exactly what to expect. Still, every time I see them I catch myself being caught off guard by something during their set but in the best way possible.  This time was no different.  With an already crazed crowd the lights went out and a ferocious cheer came from the audience as the intro for the song “Omerta” came over the speakers.  The band walked out on stage and almost immediately security was already pulling down the first crowd surfer of the performance. 

The set became even more intense as the band went into their second song “Ruin“.  This sent the audience into overdrive as vocalist Randy Blythe told the crowd to keep bringing it right before he went into his trademarked visceral scream.  I turned around during the end of the song because that is the fastest portion.  All I could see was what looked a hurricane of bodies being thrown around, which was pretty cool.  After that, the band introduced themselves and thanked the crowd for coming out to the show as well as thanking Slayer for having them on the tour. 

Blythe then said which song was next as guitarist Mark Morton played the intro for “Walk With Me In Hell“.  The following song sent the crowd into an absolute frenzy as the intro for “Now You’ve Got Something To Die For” was played.  The floor looked like an absolute war zone but that is how most Lamb Of God shows go.  The set came to a close with their hit song “Redneck”.  During that song Blythe asked to see the biggest circle pit of the night and he got what he wanted as about three-quarters of the floor was moving. 

Lamb Of God puts on a one of a kind show.  Each song brings a different level of intensity to the set but it is always a good time.  Whenever this band comes to a city near you, make sure to be there.  They are a band you will not want to miss seeing live.  If you decide to stand on the floor though, be prepared to move around because their sets have a lot of audience participation.

Finally, the set everyone was waiting for, the Slayer Tour!  The mighty Slayer was about to take the stage for the final time in the Northwest.  A giant white curtain covered the stage while the road crew got everything ready for the set.  As soon as the lights went out you could hear chants of “Slayer! Slayer!” coming from the audience as the intro song “Delusions Of Savior” played over the speakers.  While that was playing lights that spelled out Slayer came up that changed into pentagrams and upside down crosses that covered the stage.  When the song came to an end the curtain dropped and the band was standing their playing their song “Repentless“. 

The floor looked like a free for all and the audience members upfront were all head banging and throwing up the horns. The band quickly went into playing their hit song “Blood Red” off of their album ‘Seasons In The Abyss’.  Following that came fan favorite “Disciple” off of their album ‘God Hates Us All.  During the song pyrotechnics were shooting out upside down crosses as the lyrics “God Hates Us All” were sung.  This brought an extra element of evil to their set. Something Slayer has never strayed far from throughout their legendary career. 

One of the many highlights of the night was when during the song “Hell Awaits“.  During the song the pyrotechnics were going the entire song.  Flames shot high and a strip of fire went along the top of the amplifiers.  When vocalist Tom Araya would yell out “Hell Awaits” he had a synthesizer on his voice that sounded like a demon had said it.  It was so fitting and yet mildly terrifying at the same time and brought a little bit of an extra touch to the song. 

The set came to a close with their massive hit “Angel Of Death” off of their albumReign In Blood‘.  During the song the backdrop changed to what looked like a Heineken bottle but it was actually a backdrop dedicated to their late guitarist Jeff Hanneman.  During the end of one of the guitar solos, you could see guitarist Gary Holt hold his guitar by the whammy bar and drink a beer.  At the very end of the song Araya invited all of the bands that had played out on stage for a picture and asked the audience to squeeze in as well.  He then thanked everyone for all of the years of support.

Slayer is a once in a lifetime kind of band.  For 37 years they have dominated the world of metal and there will more than likely never be another band like them ever again.  If you got to see the band on their farewell tour hold on to those memories and be thankful you got to see such a legendary band. Catch the remaining shows on the Slayer tour if you can.  Slayer will be missed, but even after they have hung it up they will forever “Reign In Blood”.

Slayer Tour Setlist for Auburn:
Delusions Of Savior (Intro)
Blood Red
Mandatory Suicide 
Hate Worldwide
War Ensemble
When The Stillness Comes
Black Magic
Seasons In The Abyss
Dead Skin Mask
Hell Awaits
South Of Heaven
Raining Blood
Chemical Warfare
Angle Of Death

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