Album Review: Eminem – Kamikaze

Eminem - Kamikaze
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Eminem – Kamikaze 

Album: Kamikaze
Label: Aftermath Records
Genre: Rap
Release Date: August 30, 2018

What a surprise to the music world!  At midnight east coast time the self proclaimed “Rap God” Eminem dropped a surprise album entitled ‘Kamikaze’.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but the album is as crazy as the title implies.  The new album was produced by Dr.Dre and Slim Shady (Eminem Alter Ego).  If you have been a fan of Eminem for a while you know that when him and Dr.Dre get together for an album it is guaranteed to be a classic.  This new album is no different.  And for two of the biggest superstars of rap to keep a surprise album completely under wraps in this day in age is incredible.

The beginning of the album starts off with the song “The Ringer”.  You first hear the sound of a flying airplane and then a sudden explosion.  At around the five second mark is where you get to hear the beat come in and the ever so calming voice of Eminem talking to you.  He starts talking about how he is going to write down what first comes to mind and then, the Eminem that we all know and love comes out,  saying how he wants to “punch the fucking world in the face right now”.  Immediately he starts just spitting words at you a million miles per hour.  The speed and accuracy of what he says hits you hard and he doesn’t let up for the entire album.

This new album has a few featured artists on some tracks.  Joyner Lucas joins him on the song “Lucky You”Royce Da 5’9″ appears on “Not Alike”, and Jessie Reyez makes two appearances on the songs “Nice Guy” and “Good Guy”. Each song with a featured artist has a different feel to it.  Both rappers copy each others flow style and it makes the song sound even more special.

‘Kamikaze’ is an instant classic for any fan of rap.  You can tell by the tone of the album that Eminem was needing to blow off some steam. And he did so by unleashing one of the most visceral and harsh album he has done to date.  This new album has the aggression of old Eminem mixed with the maturity he has gained throughout his career.

‘Kamikaze’  takes aim at media, rappers, hip-hop, the industry and lack of making money on music today. It also hits crazy relationships, social media bullshit and all the insanity going on today.

You can pick up Eminem – Kamikaze on Itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music (unlimited membership required), and Google Play.

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