Andrew W.K. Party Hard Tour Comes To The Seattle Showbox

Andrew W.K. Party Hard Tour

This past Saturday night, Andrew W.K. Party Hard Tour came to Seattle. The party king arrived with his full band and what a party it was!

The Showbox doors opened at 8:00 pm.  As I came into the venue and found a place to sit,  I noticed that waiters were walking around with full trays of pizza slices.  The pizza was coming from a company called Outsiders Pizza and they were giving out slices to everyone in the venue.  In addition they were also giving out drink holders that came with a coupon for a dollar off drinks at the bar.  This made the mood of the venue feel electrifying as everyone was feeding off of the happiness in the venue. 

The show kicked off at 9:00 pm with a local band from Seattle called Osatia.  As soon as the band came out on stage the audience started cheering and jumping.  The band had a mix of a pop-punk sound that at times sounded metal as well.  Needless to say the audience loved it and ate it up for their 30 minute set.  At the end of the set the band went to their merchandise booth selling t-shirts and hanging out with fans.

The moment the crowd was waiting for, the Andrew W.K. Party Hard Tour!

The backdrop for the stage was a large banner with the art from the cover of Andrew W.K.‘s first album ‘I Get Wet’As soon as the lights went out, the crowd went crazy.  The lights on the stage started to flash and in between each flash the crowd would shout out “Party! Party! Party!”.  After about a minute of the shouting the band came out onto the stage and went straight into their new song “Music Is Worth Living For”.  The audience was going insane and screaming along to each word.  The first of many crowd surfers came over the barrier quickly and they continued to come over the barricade throughout the show. 

The nearly hour and a half long set showcased many fan favorites such as “We Want Fun”, “She Is Beautiful”, “Never Let Down” and “Pushing Drugs”.  Before the final song, Andrew W.K. talked about how happy he was that everyone in the room came out to party with him and his band.  To get everyone excited and continue on with the positive party energy they had going, they decided to countdown to the final song like a New Years Eve countdown.  The crowd and band started counting backwards from 93.  When they reached zero they performed the song “Party Hard”.  The entire floor erupted into one giant mosh pit.  The crowd lost their minds as they sang and danced along to the music.

Andrew W.K. knows how to put on a show.  If you get a chance to see him, I highly suggest doing so.  Not only will you get an awesome show and party with the party king himself,  you’ll get to go to a show filled with positive vibes.

Andrew W.K. Party Hard Tour Setlist:

The Power Of Partying
Music Is Worth Living For
Ever Again
Take It Off
Ready To Die
She Is Beautiful
Tear It Up
You Will Remember Tonight
Never Let Down
We Want Fun
Break The Curse
I Get Wet
You’re Not Alone
Violent Life
It’s Time To Party
Party Hard

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