3 Doors Down Perform at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium

September 11, 2018 - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO.

3 Doors Down
3 Doors Down

On a warm Tuesday evening I made my way to the Fillmore Auditorium to witness two bands which I had not seen before but was very familiar with their music. 3 Doors Down and Collective Soul were in town as part of the Rock & Roll Express tour. As I walked into the venue, I noticed that there had been some remodeling done inside which in my opinion, really added to the aesthetics of the Fillmore, known for it’s chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Starting the evening off was, Collective Soul. The lights went down to the cheer of the crowd as the members of Collective Soul took their places on the stage. They started with the intro to their song, Now’s the Time”. Lead singer, Ed Roland strolled out on stage in his white wide-brimmed hat, big round black glasses and hands raised with the peace sign’s to the crowd.  He grabbed the mic stand, threw it from one hand to the other and broke into his vocals to the cheer’s from the crowd. Roland was dressed in a thigh length jacket over a dark shirt, knee length black and white stripped shorts, over what looked like, black leotards and dark shoes.  He moved about the stage with his mic stand going back and forth between his hands, as Collective Soul moved through their music. Performing many of their great songs such as, Shine”, from their album,  Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid, ‘December’, to the delight of their fans. Guitarist’s, Dean Roland and Jesse Triplett moved about the stage meeting in the center displaying their talents as Ed Roland encouraged their fans to join in which they did.

During the song, “Right as Rain”, I heard Ed Roland’s voice crack a bit and he struggled through the song. When the song was over, he mentioned he was losing his voice but, that it wasn’t going to stop him, which the crowd let out a cheer. Though he struggled with the last three songs, the crowd showed their understanding and appreciation when the band finished their set and took their bows.

Collective Soul are:
Ed Roland – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Dean Roland – Guitars
Will Turpin – Bass, Percussion
Jesse Triplett – Guitars
Johnny Rabb – Drums

Now’s the Time
Over Me
Why, Pt. 2
Better Now
Precious Declaration
Right as Rain
The World I Know
Where the River Flows


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Time for the 3 Doors Down Rock & Roll Express

Platforms were set on each side of the stage for the band members to step up on with American flags prominently placed on both. The members of 3 Doors Down worked their way onto the stage to bring their southern hospitality and music to the already cheering crowd. Starting out their set with, “Duck and Run” from their 2000 album, The Better Life’,the rockers from Mississippi got the crowd cheering and ready to rock. As they continued into their second song, “Time of My Life” from their album of the same name, I was noticing the lighting. When I finished photographing and moved to the back of the Fillmore Auditorium I realized that each song had their own lighting design.

From song to song, the lighting changed in colors.  Spot lights in front and back of the stage that would change colors with each song, to side lighting that kept beat with the music and the musicians. The band members also moved with the lighting,  I was mesmerized by this, it was hard not to be. As the band moved through their songs, so did the lighting. When the band stepped back in time to some of their biggest hits like, “Loser” and “Kryptonite” from their 2000 album, ‘The Better Life’, their fans would let out cheer of delight and some fans, were dancing where there was room.

3 Doors Down finished the evening with, “Here Without You” and “When I’m Gone”  from their 2002 album, ‘Away From the Sun’. Their fans cheered as they moved to the front of the stage to say goodnight. And a very good night it was!

3 Doors Down are:
Brad Arnold – Vocals
Chris Henderson – Lead Guitar
Greg Upchurch – Drums
Chet Roberts – Guitar
Justin Biltonen – Bass

Duck and Run
Time of My Life
It’s Not My Time
Away From the Sun
Let Me Go
Dangerous Game @Info [First time this song has been played in over a year.]
The Road I’m On
Landing in London
Better Life
Be Like That
My Way
Behind Those Eyes

Here Without You
When I’m Gone

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