Greta Van Fleet Rocks The Denver Fillmore Auditorium

September 29, 2018 - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO

Greta Van Fleet
Greta Van Fleet
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This past Saturday evening, the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver was surrounded by fans waiting for the highly anticipated first of two sold out shows by Greta Van Fleet. As the doors opened, the sea of young and older fans made their way into the newly remodeled auditorium. As they scampered their way to the front of the stage, fans stopped for a drink or to check out the merch booth. In no time, the venue was filled. Fans were taking selfies and grouping together for pictures. As excitement filled the air, the lights went down to the roar of the crowd!

Drummer, Danny Wagner took his place followed by bare foot bassist, Sam Kiszka and guitarist, Jake Kiszka. Vocalist Josh Kiszka walked up to the microphone and said, “back in our office”! With that, the band opened with their highly popular debut single, “Highway Tune” from their 2017 debut studio EP, ‘Black Smoke Rising’ and the house was rocking. The stage lighting seem to come from everywhere as the band moved into the second song, “Edge of Darkness” from their 2017 eight-song double EP titled ‘From the Fires’ and the 10 to 12 minute jam session began.

Greta Van Fleet are undeniable performers!

Ranging in ages from 19 to 22, these talented young Blues-Rock musician’s put on a display of sight and sound for their fans. As the lights danced across the stage, so did guitarist Jake Kiszka, wowing the crowd with his skills, at times putting his guitar behind his head as he moved about the stage. Bassist Sam Kiszka, moved about as well interacting with the other members of the band. When they finished the song, a deafening roar of appreciation came from the their fans.

As the band started their song, “You’re the One”, from their up coming debut album, ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’ bassist Sam Kiszka moved over to the key boards displaying more of his talents. Moving through their setlist of songs, Greta Van Fleet had the fans moving and dancing. When they finished their encore of, “Black Smoke Rising” and “Safari Song”, the band took their bows. The crowd roared their appreciation for a great night of rock and roll by this very talented young band.

Their debut album,  ‘Anthem of the Peaceful Army’, is set to be released October 19, 2018. I highly recommend seeing Greta Van Fleet live, it was a pleasure for me seeing and photographing their show.

Greta Van Fleet are:
Josh Kiszka
Jake Kiszka
Sam Kiszka
Danny Wagner

Greta Van Fleet Setlist:
Highway Tune @Info[Brave New World Intro]
Edge of Darkness
Flower Power
You’re the One
Evil @Cover
Watching Over
When the Curtain Falls

Black Smoke Rising
Safari Song

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