Rise Against Mourning In Amerika Tour Comes To Seattle

September 24, 2018 - WAMU Theater, Seattle, WA

Rise Against Mourning In Amerika
Rise Against
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Rise Against Mourning In Amerika Tour Comes To Seattle – Last week punk rock heavy weights Rise Against came to Seattle on their Mourning In Amerika tour.  The stacked bill also showcased AFI and Anti-Flag

First up for the night were punk legends Anti-Flag.  The stage was set up with a backdrop of their latest albumAmerican Fall’. Covering the amps on stage were banners of their name as well as images of police during what looked like a riot.  Over the speakers of the venue, the Ramones smash hit “Blitzkrieg Bop” was playing as the intro track for the set.  As soon as the lights went out the band rushed onto the stage and quickly started playing their song “The Press Corpse”.  The bands energy was intoxicating as bass player Chris No. 2 was running around and jumping all over the stage.  The crowd quickly started to match the bands energy as crowd surfers started coming up and over the security barrier. 

Setting the tone of the evening, Anti-Flag was the first to talk politics

Throughout the 40 minute set the band talked about the state of the country and how the people need to take back control.  The powerful statements by the band really captured the audience’s attention and made what they were talking about in their songs feel more sincere.  The set was filled with many fan favorites such as “Fuck Police Brutality”, “This Is The End (For You My Friend)”, and “Die For The Government”.  One of the highlights of the night was when they covered the classic Clash song “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”.  During the song Chris No.2 and lead guitarist Justin Sane asked for a massive circle pit to open up.  The audience was happy to oblige and as soon as the final chorus started the venue looked like a whirlpool of bodies. 

The set came to a close with the song “Brandenburg Gate”.  During the end of the song Chris No. 2 and drummer Pat Thetic played the final verse out in the crowd.  Anti-Flag has been a staple of the punk scene for a long time.  If they are playing a city near you I highly recommend seeing them.  Not only will you see a great performance but you will get to see musicians that very passionate about what they put into their music.

Next AFI….

AFI started their set with an intro of heavy bass music and blinding strobe lights.  The band came on stage after about a minute and went into playing their song “Strength Through Wounding”.  When vocalist Davey Havok walked out on stage, the audience erupted into a loud roar of screams and cheering.  After the song ended the band went into their massive hit “Miss Murder”.  As bass player Hunter Burgan played the intro bass line for the song the crowd lost it and the everyone started singing along with the band.  During the song “End Transmission”, Davey Havok came off the stage, stood on the speakers in front of the stage and sang to the audience. 

The 40 minute set featured hit songs “Sacrifice Theory”, “The Boy Who Destroyed The World”and “17 Crimes”.  The set came to an end with the song “Girl’s Not Grey”.  AFI put on a strong performance.  They played every song like it was their last and left it all on stage.  They are a must see for any rock fan.

And….. the headliners, Rise Against!

As the lights went out, Rise Against vocalist Tim Mcllrath walked out on stage with his guitar slung over his shoulder while clapping his hands to the rhythm of the drum beat from drummer Brandon Barnes.  The band opened up their set with the song “The Violence”.  Not too long into the song, audience members started hurling themselves up and over the security barrier one by one.  The band quickly went into their next two songs “Satellite” and “Survive”. The chaotic and fast paced sound of the band stirred the crowd into an absolute frenzy. 

In between songs Mcllrath talked to the crowd and thanked them for coming out to the show.  He mentioned that he was impressed and happy to see so many people at a show on a Monday night.  Mcllrath then went on talking about the climate of the earth and natural disasters.  He hoped that people start teaching their children about climate change and then dedicated the song “Help Is On The Way” to the victims of hurricane Florence.  The crowd cheered and sang along through the entire song.

Politics and Music do mix!

Mcllrath went into a deeper political discussion and thanked bands like Anti-Flag for also talking about the political side of things.  The band then performed their hit song “Give It All”.  During the song Mcllrath sang the final verse from down in the crowd and shared the microphone with the audience.  The first part of their set came to a close with the song “Savior”.  After a short break, Mcllrath walked back out on stage by himself and did a four song acoustic set.  The final song of the acoustic set was “Swing Life Away”.  After that was done the rest of the band came back out to finish the rest of the set.  The show came to an end with their song “Prayer Of The Refugee”.  

Rise Against puts on a one of a kind show.  They are one of very few bands I can think of that no matter what size the venue is, they make the performance feel intimate for everyone there.  You can see the passion they have for the messages they put in their songs as well as the music they play.  If they announce a show near you, make sure to be there.  You will not regret it.

Rise Against Mourning In Amerika setlist for Seattle:
The Violence
I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore
House On Fire
Ready To Fall
Help Is On The Way
Chamber The Cartridge
Give It All
Blood – Red, White & Blue
Re – Education (Through Labor)
Voices Off Camera
Like The Angel
Hero Of War
Swing Life Away
Make It Stop (September’s Children)
Heaven Knows
Prayer Of The Refugee


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