Scallywag! Music Festival Invades Seattle

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On September 29th Auburn, Washington was home to a rockin’ music festival called Scallywag! The music and beer festival had a stacked line up of punk and ska bands. The lineup for the festival showcased Mad Caddies, Less Than Jake, The Interrupters, Reel Big Fish, Pennywise, and Bad Religion. With big name bands like that, it was hard not to be excited.

Doors for the venue opened early in the afternoon. The official door time of the festival was 1:00 PM but, VIP concert goers were able to get in the venue early at 12:00 PM. The festival grounds had many tents set up of all different kinds for shopping, eating, and drinking. As soon as you walked through the gates the first thing you saw was a massive Rockstar Energy Drink booth. The booth was giving out free samples of their many different drinks all day. With the festival going late in to the night it was probably best to get a little caffeine in the system of everyone in attendance.

Some other tents were from local merchants selling goods such as wall flags for different bands, prints of concert posters and many other things. One tent that was a little off to the side of the beer garden was the 805 Beer booth. The Blonde Ale was the officially sponsored beer of the festival. It is also in stores as well and at bars across the nation. You can find out who has it near you on the 805 Beer website right here: Just type in your zip code and press find retailer and you’re good to go!

The Mad Caddies set to open the show!

The concert hall opened up at 3:00 PM with the first band starting at 3:30 PM. The crowd had been anxiously waiting and was ready for the music. The first band up was Mad Caddies. They were the perfect first band to start off the festival. The almost more relaxed version of ska they brought was a very welcoming sound as the crowd found their seats. The bands half hour set was filled with amazing guitar work, fantastic vocals and a great horn section. Make sure to check this band out whenever they play a city near you. The vibe they put out will make you excited to go back and see them again and again.

Next up were Less Than Jake. The Florida natives started off their set with the song “Sugar In Your Gas Tank” off of their album ‘Losing Streak’. This made the audience start jumping around and cheering. Not too long after, the first of many crowd surfers came up and over the security barrier. The band was loving the energy the crowd was putting off as they ripped straight into their next song “The Ghosts Of Me And You”. Before the third song vocalist Chris DeMakes and bassist Roger Lima welcomed the crowd to the show. The onstage bickering and jabbing back and forth at each other and the audience made the crowd laugh. Their set came to a close with their song “Gainesville Rock City”. Less Than Jake puts on quite an entertaining show. If you get a chance to see them I highly suggest doing so.

From Florida to California, the show continued on.

Following that performance were The Interrupters from Los Angeles, California. As soon as the intro music ended Kevin Bivona (guitar), Justin Bivona (bass), and Jesse Bivona (drummer) ran out on stage and welcomed everyone to the start of their set. Just before the chorus to the first song “A Friend Like Me” Justin introduced the vocalist of the band Aimee Interrupter. She yelled out hello to the crowd and the audience reacted with screaming and cheering. The band made sure to keep the energy on high by playing fast and going straight into song after song relentlessly. One of the many highlights of the set was when they did a cover of Operation Ivy’s song “Sound System”. Their set came to a close with their hit song “Family”. This band knows how to put on one hell of a show. Check them out when they come to a city near you.

Up next were ska legends Reel Big Fish. The band has been a staple of punk and ska for a long time and the crowd was anxiously waiting for their set to start. The bands set started with fan favorite song “Everyone Else Is An Asshole”. Lead vocalist Aaron Barrett led the crowd in chanting the lyrics to the song along with him. Throughout the song the crowd was jumping and going absolutely insane. Then right before the end of the song the band built up the audience into their next song “Trendy”. While the audience seemed thrown off for a second, they quickly got right back into screaming along with the band. The 40 minute set showcased many fan favorite songs such as “Where Have You Been?”, “Another F.U. Song”, “Sell Out” and “Beer”. The set came to a close with their cover of A-ha‘s song “Take On Me”. Reel Big Fish puts on one of the most fun shows you can see live. They truly know how to captivate and entertain an audience.

Moving away from Ska and straight into Punk with Pennywise.

The next band on the bill was Pennywise from California. The punk rock group came out to a crowd that was ready to tear it up and get rowdy! From the moment the first note hit you could faintly hear the sounds of people letting out a huff of air as the crowd started throwing each other around. Vocalist Jim Lindberg was loving it and told the crowd to get even crazier. Not too long after he said that people started coming up and over the security barricade one by one. Throughout the set the band played many of their biggest hits as well as covers songs as well. it was a good 50/50 split of original Pennywise songs and covers. The crowd ate it all up and caused mayhem for the bands 45 minute set. Pennywise really knows how to stir up a crowd into a frenzy. If you get a chance to see them do so. Be prepared to hop in the pit and have a good time.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Bad Religion!

The backdrop showed the classic and yet so simple Bad Religion logo. The set started at 9:45 PM and without a moment to spare the band ripped into their first song “Recipe For Hate”. Vocalist Greg Graffin would walk up to the stage and wave his arms to let the crowd know he wanted to hear them scream at him. The band sped through that song and quickly went in to playing the next song “I Want To Conquer The World”. As the performance went on more and more audience members hurled themselves over the security barrier to get closer to the band.

After the end of the song “Fuck Armageddon…This Is Hell”, the backdrop for the band changed quickly to the cover art of their hit album ‘Suffer’. After the cheer from the crowd finally subsided, Graffin went in to talking about their album ‘Suffer’. The album was celebrating it’s 30th year anniversary and as a special treat to the fans they were going to play the album in full!!!!! After hearing that the audience lost it and the band went straight into playing the first song on the album “You Are (The Government). The band came back on stage and ended their set with the song “New Dark Ages” as the encore.

For almost 40 years Bad Religion has been crushing the world of punk rock. And with the sheer power of their live show you can see why. Definitely make sure you get to check them out live at some point. You will not be disappointed.

Scallywag! 2018 was a blast! We can’t wait to see what Scallywag! 2019 will have in store for us next year.

Bad Religion setlist:

Recipe For Hate
I Want To Conquer The World
21st Century (Digital Boy)
Fuck You
The Streets Of America
American Jesus
Fuck Armageddon… This Is Hell
* Start of ‘Suffer’ in full*
You Are (The Government)
1000 More Fools
How Much Is Enough?
Give You Nothing
Land Of Competition
Forbidden Beat
Best For You
Delirium Of Disorder
Part II (The Numbers Game)
What Can You Do?
Do What You Want
Part IV (The Index Fossil)
Pessimistic Lines

New Dark Ages


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