Wintersun Tour Arrives At Denver’s Gothic Theater

October 3, 2018 - Gothic Theater, Denver, CO

Wintersun tour

The Wintersun tour came to Denver’s Gothic Theater on the evening of October 3rd. The Finnish band took to a smoke-filled stage back-lit with strong green lighting for a night of Melodic Death Metal. As the band took their place on stage they immediately opened with, “Awaken From The Dark Slumber”, from their most recent 2017 album, ‘The Forest Seasons’. Moments later, vocalist Ari Mäenpää made his way to the front of the stage. As fans cheered, Mäenpää took the microphone and began screaming, Denver, then broke into his powerful vocals.

Wintersun went right into their next song, “Winter Madness”,  from their 2004 self-titled debut album ‘Wintersun’. The stage was lit from the front with bright spotlights piercing through the thick smoke while the crowd continued to cheer. As Wintersun moved from song to song, guitarists Mäntysaari and Searah moved about the stage. At times they moved to the front of the stage to display their skills for their very energetic fans.

In between songs, Mäenpää thanked everyone for being there and asked if everyone was having a good time. At one point, Mäenpää asked the crowd if they would like to hear some of their older music. With a roar from the crowd, the band broke into, “Sons of Winter and Stars”, from their 2012 album ‘Time 1’. The power from the band resonated throughout the venue. The band again returned to their 2012 album, ‘Time 1’, closing their show with, “Time”.

It was powerful performance from Wintersun and their fans showed their appreciation for a great night of music.

Wintersun are:
Ari Mäenpää – Vocals
Kai Hahto – Drums
Jukka Koskinen – Bass
Teemu Mäntysaari – Guitar
Asim Searah – Guitar

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