Clutch Live – Not a Book of Bad Decisions!

Clutch Live
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This past week Clutch came to Seattle on the heels of their September 7th release of ‘Book of Bad Decisions’.  See our review on the album here.

Anyone who’s ever seen Clutch perform live before knows the show will be full of energy from the band and audience alike. And even though vocalist, Neil Fallon just got over being sick, fans could not tell. The energy he exerted during this performance was just as past shows we’ve seen him perform, unpredictable and intense. This show did no disappoint in delivering the music, performance and vibe fans have grown to expect! 

Clutch kicked the show off with “Gimme the Keys”, the first track on the new album, to which fans exploded with energy. The rest of the night was immediately set by the opening moment of the show. The band dipped back into their catalog for the next few songs. They hit “Firebirds” and “Noble Savage” from the 2015 ‘Psychic Warfare’ and “Burning Beard” from the 2005 ‘Robot Hive/Exodus’. Then performed “How to Shake Hands” off of ‘Book of Bad Decisions’ that completely jazzed up the audience as they sang along. 

Personally for me, “How to Shake Hands” is one of my favorite tracks on the new album and by the audience response, I think they really dig the track too! The night continued on with fan favorites one after the next! 

Clutch knows how to deliver a fantastic show and give their fans what they want! For the tried and true fans, you know this. For those of you who’ve yet to catch Clutch live before, you are missing out on a great show. The guys have a number of North American shows between today and November 1st before they head to Europe. Get out and see this tour! And Europe… you are up next, I highly recommend that you all see this tour!

Clutch Live Seattle Setlist:










Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions Tracklisting:
Gimme the Keys
Spirit of ’76
Book of Bad Decisions
How to Shake Hands
In Walks Barbarella
Vision Quest
Weird Times
Emily Dickinson
Sonic Counselor
A Good Fire
Ghoul Wrangler
H.B. Is in Control
Hot Bottom Feeder
Paper & Strife

Seattle Live Photos:

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