Gwar Tour Comes To Seattle

Gwar Tour

On October 15th, Seattle was treated to a bloody good time. The almighty Gwar tour was in town and they were ready to destroy everything in their path.

Seattle’s metal scene had been waiting for some time for this tour stop because of the lineup. Alongside Gwar was Hatebreed, Miss May I, and Ringworm. The doors at the Showbox Sodo opened at 6:30 PM and the first band started at 7:00.  As people kept pouring in, you could sense that the evening was going to be nothing short of chaotic.

First Up, Ringworm From Cleveland, Ohio. 

The hardcore punk outfit came out swinging, quite literally. When the first chord was played, vocalist James Bulloch started punching at the air along to the rhythm of the song. Not too long after that audience members started doing the same thing. The first of many hardcore pits opened up during the bands song “Birth Is Pain”. The bands half hour set came to a close with their hit song “Justice Replaced By Revenge”. Ringworm puts on a devastating live show packed full of energy and aggression. Go check them out if they play a city near you.

Next Up, Miss May I From Troy, Ohio.

When the lights went out, drummer Jerod Boyd walked out on stage and posed for the audience behind his drum kit. This made the audience cheer and shout. Quickly after, that the rest of the band walked out and they started playing their song “Swallow Your Teeth”. The rhythm of the song got the audience to start jumping and going wild. Throughout the set vocalist Levi Benton kept calling out for circle pits to keep the energy going. The rambunctious crowd was able to do that with ease.  The half hour set came to a close with the song “Shadows Inside”. Miss May I puts on a very high energy show that is fun for any lover of music.

Third For The Evening, Hardcore Legends Hatebreed. 

The already rowdy crowd was anxiously chomping at the bit for the band to come on. When the lights went out the crowd erupted and begin to scream in excitement. Vocalist Jamey Jasta came out and welcomed the Seattle crowd. The band went straight into playing their hit song “To The Threshold”. Not too long into the song the first of many crowd surfers started coming up and over the security barrier. The audience went from being rowdy to being absolute pandemonium.

The bands set went on for an hour and they played many fan favorites such as “As Diehard As They Come”, “A Call For Blood”, and “Live For This”. The set came to a close with their song “I Will Be Heard” off their album ‘Perseverance’Hatebreed is a band that needs to be seen by any fan of hardcore and metal. Their live shows are insane and they sure know how to work a crowd. Make sure to see them when they play a city near you.

The Final Decimation Came From Gwar!

The crowd was still buzzing from the previous set, but they were getting even more excited for what was to come next. The die hard Gwar fans were dressed in white shirts and ready for the blood bath. As soon as the lights went out, the crowd lost it. Audience members started pushing their way towards the front. During the opening song “War On Gwar” the band battled a couple of soldiers looking to kill them. Luckily the enemy soldiers lost and were executed by Blothar (vocalist) and Bonesnapper. After the enemy soldiers were executed they started shooting fake blood at the crowd from where their heads once were. The bloodthirsty crowd started cheering as they were soaked.

Throughout the set Gwar fought off many different enemies. They fought off a priest, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, more enemy soldiers and their enemy company Glomco. With each fight, a bloodbath ensued and the crowd continued to be covered. The hour and a half long set came to a close with long time hit “Sick Of You”. Gwar is a show that every fan of metal needs to experience live at least once. The controversial topics they poke fun at, the on stage bickering and overall stage show is quite something that no other band could pull off. Check them out anytime they play a show near you.

Gwar tour setlist for Seattle:
War On Gwar
Womb With A View
I’ll Be Your Monster
Death To Dickie Duncan
Sadam A Go-Go
Crushed By The Cross
Viking Death Machine
Immortal Corrupter
El Presidente
The Sordid Soliloquy Of Sawborg Destructo
Love Surgery
Beat You To death
Fuck This Place
Phantom Limb
Sick Of You


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