Sevendust Tour 2018 Rages At Seattle’s Showbox Sodo

Sevendust Tour 2018
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The Sevendust Tour 2018 raged through Seattle on October 7th along with Clutch and Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown.

Sevendust was the heavier band of the lineup, sandwiched in as the middle performance of the evening. The Rise Records artists from Atlanta brought the heat with them as they stirred up the pit and fans started flying over the barrier. Even though flyers were posted around the venue that there was to be no crowd surfing, that didn’t stop fans!

The band has been on tour supporting their May 2018 release ‘All I See Is War’. They kicked their set off with “Dirty”, the first track off the latest album. They continued on with their set performing songs off the new album to the excited audience.

The guys have just a couple of North American shows left for October. They will be heading to the UK in December and will return stateside for three shows at the end of December. Their final show of the year will be a full performance of ‘Home’ in Atlanta on New Years Eve.

Seattle Setlist:
Face to Face
Too Close to Hate
Thank You

Sevendust is:
Lajon Witherspoon (lead vocals)
Clint Lowery (guitar, vocals)
Morgan Rose (drums, vocals)
John Connolly (guitar, vocals)
Vince Hornsby (bass)

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