Jake E Lee Talks Red Dragon Cartel and Ozzy; He’d Work With Him Again If..

Red Dragon Cartel To Release Patina On November 9, 2018

Jake E Lee
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Guitar legend Jake E Lee has a new album coming out next Friday, November 9th via Frontiers Music srl. His band Red Dragon Cartel hit the Obscenic Arts studio in late 2017 to start working on Patina’.

The band basically put themselves in seclusion to write and record at Anthony Esposito‘s ranch in Dillsburg, PA. I got to chat with Esposito last fall while the recording was in process and he was really excited about it. After hearing ‘Patina’ for myself, I now understand his excitement. You can check that interview out here.

Jake E Lee told me that he is truly pleased with the final cut of the new album, stating it’s the kind of album he wanted to make. He pulled from old school influences and tried out a number of different playing styles on the album. He’s pleased as well that he and Darren James Smith worked out the issues that had them take a break in 2015. He gave accolades on his vocals for this album and explained the break in 2015. So what’s coming up after the album release next week?

The tour! Lee told me that they have dates scheduled for Japan and that they’ve just worked out the tour details for the USA. The USA tour dates will be happening in February 2019 just before they head to Japan in April. RDC is still working on details for a European leg for the 2019 tour and there may be more USA dates later in 2019. Stay tuned for the official tour announcement to come soon!

Jake E Lee Says He’d Work With Ozzy Again, If….

Along the way in our conversation while talking about how Red Dragon Cartel came about, Ozzy came up. So I took the opportunity to ask Lee if he would ever work with Ozzy again. He laid out the details of having been approached a few years back to do some new work with Ozzy. Then went into further detail about what stopped him at the time and if he’d work with him in the future.

I also had the chance to chat with vocalist, Darren James Smith this past week. We talked about the recording process, being part of Red Dragon Cartel and his view of the pause from the band. It’s sounding like RDC has a good fit now with the line up and that we can move on with the band and enjoy the music! Check that interview out here.

Listen to the full interview here as Jake E Lee tells you everything in his own words.

There’s still time to pre-order ‘Patina’! It’s available in digital, cd and vinyl! Grab your copy here: http://radi.al/RDCPatina

Red Dragon Cartel “Patina” Tracklisting:

Crooked Man
The Luxury Of Breathing
Chasing Ghosts
A Painted Heart
Punchclown (bonus track on CD, not on the vinyl, Jake E tells why in the interview)
My Beautiful Mess
Ink & Water

Red Dragon Cartel is:
Guitar: Jake E Lee
Bass: Anthony Esposito
Drums: Phil Varone
Vocals: Darren James Smith

Find Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel at: http://www.reddragoncartel.com

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