The Acacia Strain and After The Burial Perform at Seattle’s Club Sur Rocks

The Acacia Strain
The Acacia Strain
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On Halloween night, After The Burial and The Acacia Strain performed in Seattle. Both bands were playing their stand out 2008 albums in full. If that fact alone wouldn’t excite you, adding it being Halloween should.

Dismembering Mary

The line stretched around the building at Seattle’s venue Club Sur Rock’s. Many of the fans were dressed in costumes and they were ready to get crazy. The first band up for the night were Seattle locals Dismembering Mary. The deathcore band started off their set with a slow but extremely heavy song. This caught the attention of many of the patrons that were still walking into the club. The half hour set was filled with heavy breakdowns and slam style riffs. The band also played a cover of the Suicide Silence song “Unanswered”. During the final song the band announced that performance was their last. The crowd gave the band a round of applause as they thanked the crowd for their support.

Make Them Suffer

Next up, was Make Them Suffer from Australia. The group came onto the stage dressed up in costumes. This became a noticeable trend throughout the rest of the evening with all the other bands as well. Their half hour set started off with the song “Vortex” off of their album ‘Worlds Apart’. Throughout the set, vocalist Sean Harmanis kept pumping up the crowd and having them move around. This made the audience become more and more rowdy. Their set came to a close with the song “Ether”. Make Them Suffer is a group you should make sure to check out whenever they play near you. The energy they bring makes their shows fun for everyone in attendance.


Following them were Erra from Alabama. The band started off their half hour set with the song “Valhalla”. This got the audience to start moving around. Throughout the set the band showcased many different styles of their sound. Not only could they bring heavy chugging riffs, but they showed a more melodic side with clean singing as well. The bands final song of the set was “White Noise” off of the album ‘Impulse’.

The Acacia Strain

The fourth band on the bill were deathcore heavyweights The Acacia Strain. For this set, the band would be playing their hit album ‘Continent’ in full. With the crowd already rowdy, you could just tell that the set was going to be out of this world. The band came out dressed up as characters from the hit TV show Beavis And Butthead. This got a chuckle from the audience. As soon as vocalist Vincent Bennett stepped on the stage the crowd erupted into a frenzy. The mosh pit looked like a war zone, audience members up front were being slammed into the stage, all while still singing along. The energy that the crowd started with kept going throughout the set.

During one portion of The Acacia Strain set Bennett took a moment to talk about mental health. He mentioned how important it is to be there for friends and others. The audience applauded his statement and took time to high-five one another. As soon as that heart-felt moment was over it was right back to the chaos. About half way through the set members of the audience started to stage dive. This made the performance feel like an old school hardcore show with the number of bodies were flying all over the place. During one song Bennett said he wanted to see as many people as possible stage dive and jump off things. His wish was quickly granted as audience members hurled themselves back into the raging crowd. Their set came to a close with the song “Tactical Nuke”.

The Acacia Strain is a must see band for any fan of metal. These guys know how to put on a show, and they know how to interact with their fans as well. Make sure to see them whenever they come to a city near you. You will not be disappointed. Word to the wise though, if you intend to stand up front or near the mosh pit, watch out for fists, kicks and bodies. It gets crazy, but it will be fun.

After The Burial

The headlining slot went to After The Burial. The band was performing their album “Rareform” in its entirety. Much like the rest of the bands, the members came on stage dressed up. Without any hesitation the band quickly ripped into playing their song “Berserker”. This sent the audience into overdrive as a circle pit opened up and took up most of the floor. The crowd matched the energy of the band throughout the entire set. The group came back on for a four song encore that ended with their hit song “A Wolf Amongst Ravens”. After The Burial puts on a killer show. Make sure to check them out when they play a city near you.

The Acacia Strain set list for Seattle

After The Burial set list for Seattle


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