Interview With Rick Jimenez Of Extinction A.D.

Rick Jimenez Of Extinction A.D.
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Hey gang! So I had the chance to catch up with Rick Jimenez of Extinction A.D. last Friday night in Portland. The band’s been out on tour with Raven and Mobile Deathcamp. The tour ends tomorrow night at The Riot Room in Kansas City. Then the guys head back to Long Island, but have a couple shows left for 2018.

If you’ve been following us for a while now you know we caught Extinction A.D. in August on the road with they original Cyco’s Suicidal Tendencies and Havok! What a crazy show that was and wow what an impression Extinction A.D. left on me! Authentic thrashers!! Hearing they were coming back to the Pacific Northwest, I had to reach out and have a conversation!

So I caught up with Rick Jimenez. We chat about their music, political topics and how they relate to their music, touring, fans, Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Havok, helping the young bands get exposure and even a brief interruption during the interview when security was looking for someone’s finger! It’s always interesting! Sorry for the dude who lost his finger at the show, but it did make for an interesting pause in the interview!

Just a reminder, if you are gonna fry your brains getting wasted, don’t fight and grab things as security is kicking you out! You may lose a finger and get to visit with the cops and medics! Doh! Yes, this was one of those kinds of interviews!

Thanks again to Rick for taking the time out to chat with me for the fans to get to know about Extinction A.D. Catch them live sometime, they put on one hell of a live show and are some really nice dudes!

Onto the interview!


About the interview:

Interview with Rick Jimenez of Extinction A.D. Recorded on November 10th at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR.

We caught up with Rick Jimenez this weekend while they were in town on tour with Raven and Mobile Deathcamp.


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