Knocked Loose Annihilates Seattle

November 7, 2018 - Showbox Sodo, Seattle, WA

Knocked Loose
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Earlier this month, Knocked Loose performed on The Disease tour. The tour consisted of the first opener Sylar from New York and Beartooth as the headliner. I was out to cover Knocked Loose on this tour and what a performance that was.

The band came on at 8:15. The first thing the band did was play an extremely heavy intro track to hype up the crowd. Vocalist Bryan Garris shouted out “Knocked Loose!” as loud as he could into the microphone. This made the audience open up a large mosh pit that spanned a large width of the floor. Just before the breakdown of the intro, guitarist Isaac Hale did his famous “Oldham County” guttural part. After the intro, the band went into playing their hit song Oblivions Peak”. This sent the crowd into overdrive as crowd surfer started hurling themselves up and over the security barricade.

During the middle portion of the song, the crowd was deafening. When Garris yelled out the lyrics “You’ll get what you fucking deserve! You son of a bitch!” the crowd matched his intensity. It was one of the most incredible things I have seen at a show in quite some time. After that song, the band went straight into playing their song “All My Friends” off of their EP ‘Pop Culture’. The crowd once again, was going absolutely insane! From the very beginning of the song, audience members were coming up and over the barrier one after another. At the end of the song the audience shouted out the final words “All my friends are dead!”. Garris seemed very happy with the audience and even applauded them for their participation.

The 45 minute set showcased all of the fan favorites such as “Billy No Mates”, “The Gospel” and “Blood Will Have Blood”. One of the many highlights of the evening was when the band performed a new song titled “By The Gave”. The 45 minute set ended with the song “Deadringer”.

Watch Deadringer here:

Knocked Loose is one of the biggest bands in hardcore right now. With one full album and one EP full of nothing but intensity, you can see why their live shows are so insane. The fans they attract are as wild and crazy as the music and that’s what makes this group so special. Whenever these guys play a show near you, make sure to be there. They will blow you away.

Knocked Loose set list for Seattle:

Oblivions Peaks
All My Friends
Billy No Mates
The Rain
The Gospel
By The Grave *new song*
No Thanks
Last Words
Counting Worms
A Fetish
Blood Will Have Blood


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