Behemoth And At The Gates Perform In Seattle!

November 20, 2018 - The Showbox, Seattle, WA


Last week, blackened death metal juggernauts Behemoth played a sold out show in Seattle! The bill for the show was stacked. Joining them, Swedish melodic death metal legends At The Gates and Washington’s own Wolves In The Throne Room.

First band up for the night was Wolves In The Throne Room. The Washington natives came out to a welcoming crowd that was ready to witness the performance. The set started off with a strong scent of burning sage. This set the tone for the set, with a more ritualistic vibe. The band opened up the set with the song “Angrboda” off of their album ‘Thrice Woven’. The rhythm of the band made the audience start to nod their heads back and forth. Throughout the set, the songs sounded more primal and evil with the high pitched vocals of Nathan Weaver. The bands performance came to a close with the song “Born From The Serpent’s Eye”. If you are a fan of creepy sounding black metal these guys are for you. Not only is their sound creepy/ eerie, their live show is as well.

Watch Wolves in the Throne Room – Two Hunters:

Next up was At The Gates! The melodic death metal giants came out to an intense crowd. The audience had been highly anticipating their performance for quite some time. The 45 minute set started off with the song “To Drink From The Night Itself” off of the album with the same title. As soon as the band started playing the crowd went insane! A large mosh pit opened up and crowd surfers started coming up and over the security barrier. After the first song the band quickly went into playing “Slaughter Of The Soul”. 

Throughout the entire set vocalist Tomas Lindberg walked back and forth across the stage pumping up the crowd. The set came to a close with the song “The Night Eternal”At The Gates is one of the most legendary extreme metal acts of all time. Their live show certainly shows why. Make sure to check these guys out live whenever they play near you.

Watch At The Gates – Daggers of Black Haze:

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Behemoth was set to perform! As soon as the lights went out, a massive roar came over the audience. The lights came on and focused on drummer Inferno. He quickly started playing their song “Wolves Ov Siberia” off of their latest album ‘I Loved You At Your Darkest’. The crowd immediately erupted and started slamming into each other. Throughout the song the band played behind masks. When the song was over, the masks came off and the band quickly went into playing their song “Daimonos” off of the album ‘Evangelion’.

Whenever the verse to the song would come up, the crowd would chant along with vocalist Nergal. The band owned the stage, they used every inch of space they were provided to interact with the fans. After that, the band went into their smash hit “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer” off of their critically acclaimed album ‘The Satanist’. The hour and fifteen minute set was filled with many fan favorites such as “Ov Fire And The Void”, “God = Dog”, “Conquer All”, and “Slaves Shall Serve”. 

Watch Behemoth – Bartzabel video:

During the final three songs, the band got even more theatrical. At the beginning of “Chant For Eschanton 2000” the band started spiting out blood at the crowd, while looking evil and dark. In the next song “Lucifer” bassist Orion came out dressed in new stage attire. This made the crowd go crazy and cheer and head bang throughout the entire song. The set came to a close with their song “We Are The Next 1000 Years”. Before the band walked off stage, Nergal and four other drummers came out to end the performance in a drum line.

Behemoth knows how to put on a show unlike any other. They don’t just play a show, they put on a performance that will keep you entertained throughout the entire performance. If you ever get the chance to see them live, do yourself a favor and beat the show. They are a once in a lifetime band, and they are a band that needs to be seen by any fan of music, and theatrics.  ALL HAIL BEHEMOTH! 

Behemoth set list for Seattle.

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