Goatwhore Brings Chaos To Tony V’s Garage


On November 13th the annual Metal Alliance tour came through Tony V’s in Everett. The line up this year was very broad and showcased many different genres. The headlining spot this year went to blackened death metal legends Goatwhore

Doors opened for the show at 6 PM. The crowd came in at a pretty steady pace as the first band Mothereon took the stage. The Iowa natives showcased a very unique sound. They reminded me a bit of Black Label Society, all while also showing an influence of Sepultura. The heavy and groovy rhythm of the group got audience members to start nodding their head back and forth. The band finished off their half hour set in strong fashion. Check these guys out if you are a fan of groove style metal.

Next up was Great American Ghost from Boston, Massachusetts. The set started off with a hard-hitting and bass heavy intro. After the intro was finished vocalist Ethan Harrison hopped off of the stage and performed a few songs from the floor. Audience members were excited to see the front man getting so up close and personal. The hard-hitting riffs and beats of the drums riled up the crowd. It didn’t take too long before the first of many mosh pits opened up. As soon as the crowd started to move around a bit, the rest of the band also started to move around. The half hour set came to a close with their song “Destroyer” off of the album ‘Hatred Stems From The Seed’. Check these guys out whenever they are on a bill coming near you. The energy they put into their live shows is spectacular.

Check out the video for Misery here:

Following that performance were Black Tusk from Savannah, Georgia. The sludge metal band got one of the loudest and craziest crowd reactions of the evening. From the very first note the crowd went wild and the floor started spinning. Guitarist/vocalist Andrew Fidler stirred the crowd up into a frenzy while he maneuvered all over the stage. The forty minute set was filled with technical guitar solos and blistering fast drum beats. If you get a chance to see these guys live, I highly suggest doing so. They put on one hell of a show. If you are also a fan of the earlier work of Mastodon, then this band will be right up your ally. Check these guys out!

The fourth band on the bill were punk rock legends The Casualties. The band quickly ran out on stage with no intro song and just immediately ripped right into their set. This caught the crowd a bit off guard. When the audience realized the band was on all hell broke loose. The entire floor was one big mosh pit and bodies were going all over the place. Throughout the entire set vocalist David Rodriguez called for more people to step onto the floor and have a good time. The crowd became more and more rowdy as the set went on. At one point, the crowd rushed the stage to sing with the vocalist. Rodriguez took a scarf from a fan and raised it up high. On the scarf it said “The Casualties Army”. This made the audience go even crazier.

Check out the video for Ya Basta here:

As the set was coming to a close, Rodriguez decided to get up close and personal with the crowd. The vocalist hopped off stage and walked through the crowd to call for a wall of death. The crowd split into two parts and ran at each other when Rodriguez yelled go. The set came to a close with the song “We Are All We Have”. The band had two young audience members come up on stage and wave a giant flag that once again said “The Casualties Army”. These guys know how to put on one hell of a show. If they play a show near you make sure to see them live.

The final band of the night was Goatwhore! With an already rowdy audience, the band came out to a crowd ready to get wild. As soon as the band walked out onto the stage the crowd started to bang their heads and throw up their horns. The band started off their set with a song off of their latest record ‘Vengeful Ascension’. During the songs, guitarist Sammy Duet would play these incredible solos while vocalist Ben Falgoust would air guitar next to him. The hour long set was filled with many fan favorites such as “F.B.S”, “Alchemy Of The Black Sun Cult”, and “Baring Teeth For Revolt”. 

The set came to a close with their hit song “Apocalyptic Havoc”. Goatwhore has been around for quite some time and really knows how to put on an incredible show. The intensity they have on record is brought to life live and it is relentless. If you get a chance to see these guys live, I highly suggest doing so. You will not be disappointed.


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