Sylent Storm Album Review

Sylent Storm

Sylent StormSylent Storm
Album: Sylent Storm
Label: Stormspell Records
Release Date: November 30, 2018
Rating: 7/10

Meet Sylent Storm. Medford, Oregon’s answer to the NWOTHM!

Coming out fresh out of the gates after a hiatus, the band delivers a banger titled album ‘Sylent Storm’. Listeners will raise their fists high to the authentic traditional heavy metal.

Fronted by vocalist Jym Harris, fans get a lashing from his vocals as well as drumming tempos. The riffage is left to James Lind and Matt Foster, something they understand well. The riffs rip and wail with the full glory NWOTHM throughout.

The sound is raw, lacking the over produced sound so many metal albums have today. It has the feel like they recorded it in their garage, which adds to the true feel in the music. They’ve made way for the music to stand out as it, something that many fans long for today.

The album has 6 tracks that give listeners enough music to grasp who they are. Just as listeners get warmed up, they leave the listeners gasping for more music. It’s the perfect balance of “Hello, nice to meet you” and “Get the F outta here”!

I loved the authenticity of the music on this album. Fans who have a deep affection for the NWOTHM will enjoy this album. Go grab a copy!

Sylent Storm Tracklisting:
Eye of the Storm
Patriots of Metal
Witches’ Blood
The Axeman
Gaelic Storm

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