Exclusive Premiere: We Could Build An Empire – Amygdala (Music Video)

We Could Build An Empire
Photo by Hakan Lundin
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We Could Build An Empire Release Video For “Amygdala”

We Could Build An Empire

Swedish progressive rockers We Could Build An Empire are back with their latest video release for “Amygdala”. The new single has a hypnotic, haunting vibe that will transcend listeners traditional musical listening experiences. “Amygdala” pulls musical elements from across many eras of musical evolution and blends them into one. It’s a track that will command an emotional response from the listeners.

Coming off the heals of their 2017 release ‘In This Place’ the band has teamed up with producer/engineer Niels Nielsen for their third album. Pre-production started in November and recordings will begin in Gardenia Studios, Linköping in January. Nielsen is known for working with as diverse acts as Ghost, Tikkle Me and In Flames. He is also known for his own work as a solo artist and as a part of Dead Soul.

Founded in 2010, the Nykoping, Sweden band has two albums under their belt. Their 2011 self titled album ‘We Could Build An Empire’ and their 2017 release ‘In This Place’. 

Watch the video here:

Vocalist/Bassist, Marcus Pehrsson has this to say about the upcoming album:

“In one way “Amygdala” helps to point out that we are taking a direction into even more diverse and musical freedom. Some of the best classic albums of all time seem to be very diverse and we are still attracted to that idea. Albums like Led Zeppelin “III”, The Beatles “White Album”, PJ Harvey’s “To Bring You My Love” and Kiss’ “Destroyer”. They all did something pretty different on these albums and they never seem to fade. In other words – we’re aiming high! (laughs).” He continued on to say, “Working with new producer Niels Nielsen (Ghost, Tikkle Me, In Flames) will of course also take us on a ride we know nothing about quite yet. It’s gonna be exciting.”

Pehrsson‘s thoughts on what he’d like the listeners to know about We Could Build An Empire’s music:

“I think music always has to speak for itself, for the most part. You know, everybody hears different things and feel differently for different kinds of music. When I think Captain Beefheart’s “Clear Spot”, it is both an accessible and fantastic record (just bought the vinyl yesterday!), yet most people seem to think it’s just weird. The same goes for our music, most reviewers describe it differently from each other. It’s either melodic hard rock or alternative rock. It’s either far too progressive or poppy for metal mags or too heavy for pop magazines and sites (laughs). Many writers seem to like the genre-defying style though. There’s been some 9 and 8 out of 10 point reviews, we try to assimilate that.

In the band, we’re into pretty different music as well. We all still love AC/DC and Pantera but our tastes in music have gone in slightly different directions. Michael likes stuff like Grizzy Bear and Tame Impala (which I don’t get) and I’ve been heavily into Damien Jurado lately. Pat seems to dig just about everything from the 80’s at the moment (laughs), hopefully THAT won’t shine through on the next album.”

Fans, it’s time for your opinions. Me personally, I instantly think of Pink Floyd while listening to “Amygdala”. We’d love to know your thoughts on this new single!

We Could Build An Empire are:
Marcus Pehrsson – Lead vocals / Bass
Pat Wallin – Guitar / Backing vocals
Michael Ohlsson – Drums / Percussion

Find We Can Build An Empire here:

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