Greta Van Fleet and Ida Mae Perform Two Sold Out Shows In Seattle

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Last week, Greta Van Fleet rolled into Seattle for two sold out shows at Seattle’s Paramount Theater. These shows were rescheduled from their tour last Fall.

We covered the guys last year during their stop in Denver, once again to two sold out performances. Since then there’s been an interesting meme war on social media trying to bring the guys and their music down, which has been odd to me. These guys are extremely talented musicians and quite the entertainers. So much so that when I chat with K.K. Downing (former Judas Priest guitarist), he even said that he was digging Greta Van Fleet and gave them accolades for their music and live performances comparing them to the quality Led Zeppelin performances he’s experienced more than once in his own lifetime!

With K.K. Downing personally speaking about them in such a positive way, it definitely had me interested in covering Greta Van Fleet myself to see what their live shows are all about. I can tell you know, having seen them, wow these guys are the real deal. What started out on the first night of shows as a line of fans outside the venue that went up one city block and wrapping halfway up another block, turned into something much deeper.

Many fans dressed in 60’s style fashion, bell bottoms pants, hats, groovy tops and stylish coats mixed in with the traditionalist laid back Seattle style of jeans, black jackets and comfy shoes. A number of women in line were carrying bouquets of flowers with them as well. Fans chat amongst themselves and with other fans in line about their expectations for the evening. It was clear that excitement was in the air and this would be a great show just from the fans that had a arrived with such positive energy. The doors opened an hour before show time and the venue worked quickly to get everyone inside before the show started.

Watch Ida Mae: My Girl Is a Heartbreak:

The evening kicked off with Ida Mae, a duo from the UK that’s recently made Nashville their new home. They performed a pleasant, not frills but genuine music set that had fans immersed in what they were doing. Having heard Ida Mae before, I was really excited to see them in Seattle and up on the Paramount’s stage. They were the perfect group to start off the show.

In between the sets, I chat with a number of fans who were upfront leaning against the barrier. One woman was part of the Greta Van Fleet fan club and was even more excited to be there. She was really a great representative of the fans that had shown up to support the guys. The venue was filled with this loving, accepting and positive vibe. People were there to truly enjoy themselves and have a great time with a band playing authentic music that touched each fan.

Just before Greta Van Fleet took the stage, the venue began to fill with a forest like scented fog, further setting a hippie vibe for the evening. The lights dimmed and the band members trickled out onto the stage under relative darkness, but still light enough to see a shadow of frontman Josh Kiszka holding a few single long stem roses in his hand. He walked to the front of the stage handing a few lucky audience members roses and then the music started.

Watch Greta Van Fleet: When The Curtain Falls:

I can’t say I’ve been too many live performances with such an authentic feel in the music and the performance that you would have expected to see in shows in the late 60’s through mid 70’s. This band delivered just that. All the while watching such an amazing show unfold before my very eyes, I couldn’t help but think back to the weird meme war online about Greta Van Fleet. These guys are authentic. So where this weirdness has arisen, I completely have to debunk it. Sure there’s a ton of familiarity in the music and style of their performances, but it’s theirs, they’ve owned it and made it theirs. Music is about bringing people together and sharing that time with other fans of the music, and that’s exactly what happened this evening. People of all ages and walks of life coming together for one evening as one.

It was a completely fun evening full of entertainment and enjoyment by all. I now understand exactly what fans have been saying about this band. I also fully understand and get the brevity in the accolades given by K.K. Downing during our conversation. If there’s a band out there today that’s worth seeing, that will make everyone feel welcome and give fans an evening to remember, it’s definitely Greta Van Fleet. These guys have something rare and special that’s not seen often today. I highly recommend going to see them and experience what I did.

Seattle Setlist:
Highway Tune
Edge of Darkness
Flower Power
(Watch Me outro)
You’re The One
Black Flag Exposition
Watching Over
Curtain Falls

Black Smoke Rising
Safari Song

Please enjoy some photos from the show below of Ida Mae and Great Van Fleet live at the Seattle Paramount.

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