The Decibel Magazine Tour Comes To Seattle

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On Tuesday February 26, The Decibel Magazine Tour came through Seattle. This year’s line up was massive! The bill featured Cannibal CorpseMorbid AngelNecrot, and Blood Incantation. The stacked bill drew in a massive crowd that filled Seattle’s famous venue The Showbox.

First up for the evening was Blood Incantation from Denver, Colorado. The death metal four piece started off their set with the song “Starspawn”. This got the crowd going and the audience started started throwing up their horns and head banging. The band played a relentless set that helped set the tone for the entire evening. Just before the final song was played, they thanked the crowd and then mentioned that their last song of the evening was a new one. This sent the crowd into a frenzy as cheers came roaring throughout the venue. Make sure to check these guys out live. They know how to put on an incredible show.

Next up was Necrot from Oakland, California. The band wasted no time causing mayhem during their set. Vocalist Luca Indrio welcomed the crowd to the show and introduced the band. As soon as he finished the introduction, he told the crowd to move around and open up the pit. The crowd was more than happy to do so and a huge circle pit took up a majority of the floor. The band then started playing their first song and started off the set with their song “The Blade“. The band’s 35 minute set was nothing short of chaos and fury. Their set came to an end with the song “The Abyss“. Necrot is a one of a kind death metal band. Their live show needs to be seen and experienced by any fan of metal.

Following that set was death metal juggernauts Morbid Angel. As soon as the lights went out, the crowd immediately started rushing forward towards the stage. The set started off with the song “Piles Of Little Arms” off of the album ‘Kingdoms Disdained‘. Throughout the song the audience was singing along with vocalist Steve Tucker. The band quickly went into their next song “D.E.A.D.“. The crowd became restless and audience members started coming up and over the security barrier one by one.

During the set, the band played songs that covered most of their discography. Long time fans of the band were treated to hearing songs such as ‘Prayer Of Hatred‘ and ‘day Of Suffering‘. The bands hour long set came to a close with the song ‘Blood On My Hands‘. Morbid Angel puts on one hell of a show. Their stage presence is incredible and the intensity they showcase is hard to top. Check them out when they play a city near you.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Cannibal Corpse! In between the set change, the crowd was buzzing about the performance they were about to see. The crowd couldn’t wait for the performance to start. When the lights went out the crowd erupted and fans began pushing towards the stage. The band started off their hour long set with the song ‘Code Of The Slashers‘ off of their 2017 album “Red Before Black” As soon as the song started, a massive mosh pit opened up, and the first of many crowd surfers came up and over the barrier. During the song, vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher stirred up the audience into a frenzy with his famous long haired windmill head bang. The next two songs ‘Only One Will Die‘ and ‘Red Before Black‘ were also off of the latest album.

After they played the three newer songs, the band went into playing the fan favorite ‘Evisceration Plague‘. This caused the crowd to go insane! Audience members started slamming into each other and head banging as hard as they could. Throughout the set, Fisher would talk and even heckle the crowd a bit as he normally does. During the final song he thanked everyone for supporting death metal and then told everyone in the pit to start slamming. Just before the band went into the song, he and the audience chanted the title of the song together, “Hammer! Smashed! Face!”. As soon as the song started the floor looked like a war zone. Bodies were being thrown around and the audience members not in the pit were head banging harder than they had all night.

Cannibal Corpse has been around for over over 30 years and their shows are just as crazy and intense as ever. If you haven’t seen this band live yet, you are missing out and need to see them whenever they play a city near you.

The Decibel Magazine Tour carries on until March 14. So make sure to catch one of the shows and support this amazing tour.

Set list for Cannibal Corpse is available to view here.


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