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Cradle Of Filth
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On Tuesday March 12, Cradle Of Filth played Seattle on their recent tour through North America and Canada. The tour stop brought them to Seattle’s famous El Corazon. For many fans this was an amazing opportunity to see one of their favorite bands in such  a small and intimate setting. Direct support for the tour came from horror rock veteran Wednesday 13 and Raven Black.

First up for the evening was Raven Black. The band came out with a heavily influenced industrial style look. One member was wearing a mask, and the rest wore face paint. Not only did their look set them apart from many bands, but their sound did as well. Vocalist Raven came out to the stage and sang a sweet melody to the crowd as she pranced around the stage with an umbrella. After she was done singing, the drums kicked in and the tone changed immediately. The atmosphere went from feeling like being in a fun carnival, to a nightmare. The audience loved the transition and started cheering and head banging. During the next song Raven asked the crowd to open up the mosh pit, without a moments hesitation the crowd opened it up and let chaos ensue.

Throughout the set, Raven would pull out stage props and use them during the songs. Some of the items that were used were a baseball bat, hula hoop, handcuffs, a mirror and a teddy bear. Each prop played a part of the song that was being performed. Raven Black puts on a crazy live show that should be experienced by any fan of rock.

Following that performance was Wednesday 13. The crowd was anxious with anticipation and could hardly contain themselves. When the lights went out the crowd went berserk! The band kicked off their 45 minute set with the song “Hail Ming“. As soon as the song started the floor turned into a massive mosh pit. Throughout the venue, audience members were throwing up their horns and headbanging to the rhythm of the song. The crowd couldn’t get enough of the performance! After that song was finished the band quickly went into playing “Come Out And Plague“.

During the set, many wardrobe changes were made to match the song that was being performed. One of the more notable ones was worn during the final few songs. Wednesday 13 would wear his mask backwards and have his back towards the crowd. The more that he flailed himself around, the more lifeless he looked, which made the songs he performed even more creepy! The set came to a close with the song “Keep Watching The Skies“. Wednesday 13 puts on a very special performance. His shows always bring something new and exciting. Make sure to see him live when he plays a city near you.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for. Cradle Of Filth!! The venue was buzzing in anticipation of the set to start. When the stage hand brought out the microphone stand, the crowd went insane and instantly screamed. As soon as the lights went out, the crowd started to push forward towards the stage. When the first song started, the crowd erupted and immediately turned the floor into one giant mosh pit. The rest of the crowd was headbanging along with the band. During the first part of the song their were some technical difficulties with the microphone of Dani Filth. Even though that happened, the crowd was still singing along to the song and took over until the problem was fixed.

The set went on for an hour and a half. Throughout the set, the band played songs from their newest release ‘Cryptoriana‘, all the way back to ‘Dusk And Her Embrace‘. The performance came to a close with song “From The Cradle To Enslave“. Cradle Of Filth is one of those bands that if you haven’t seen by now, you have been missing out. This group of musicians knows how to put on a performance that you’ll always remember. If you get the chance to see them live, I highly suggest doing so. The way that they have been able to craft musicianship and theatrics into one show is incredible and must be seen live.

Check out the Cradle Of Filth set list here.


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