The Black Queen Plays Seattle

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On Friday March 22, The Black Queen made their Seattle debut at Chop Suey. Alongside them on their tour stop was SRSQ and Uniform. Doors opened at 7:00 o’clock and the show started at 8:00.

First up for the evening was SRSQ. The female artist started off her half hour set with the song “The Martyr“. As her performance went along, her stage presence got stronger and the audience grew more enticed. At one point during her set, she changed her voice synthesizer to a deeper setting. When her vocal pitch changed, it drew more attention to her actions on stage. She began to dance around to the rhythm of the songs and throw her hair around as well. Her set came to a close with the song “Only One“. Before she exited the stage, she thanked the crowd for watching her performance. SRSQ puts on a very unique performance. Her stage presence and the way she is able to change styles in between songs is fantastic. Also, you can check out her debut album ‘Unreality‘ on her Bandcamp page.

Following that performance was Uniform from New York. During the set change, while the audience was talking to one another (myself included), a loud, distorted guitar tone came over the speakers briefly. Needless to say, it certainly took everyone by surprise. When the lights went out, it felt as if the mood had changed a bit. Images of horror movies flashed on the screen behind the band, and the lighting went dark and red. As soon as the music started, it felt like all hell had broken loose. Vocalist Michael Berdan began screaming straight into the microphone, while guitarist Ben Greenberg wildly played blistering fast riffs. The half hour set started off with the song “The Walk” off of their album ‘The Long Walk‘.

Throughout the set, many audience members began to get into the set and started to head bang. The bands set came to a close with their song “Transubstantiation”. Uniform puts on a very high energy show. They have a lot of similar qualities to the grindcore band Full Of Hell. Make sure to check these guys out when they play near you. You won’t be disappointed.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for. The Black Queen!! The audience was anxiously waiting for the performance to start. When the lights went out, the audience erupted in cheers. While the band members walked out on stage, the logo for The Black Queen flashed back and forth on the screen on stage. The first band member on stage was keyboardist Justin McGrath. McGrath then began the set by playing the intro to their song “Thrown Into The Dark“. When Steven Alexander and Greg Puciato walked out to join, the audience went insane and cheered even more. The soothing sound of the electronic band filled the venue as audience members danced and sang along to the song.

As the set continued, the band continuously changed the tempo of their set. Some of their songs had higher tempo, followed up by a low tempo song. The atmosphere the band was able to create was beautifully constructed. During the final two songs, the tempo and energy of the crowd and band was on high! During the final two songs, a more psychedelic light show hit the screen as Puciato danced around the stage to the song. The set came to a close with their song “Apocalypse Morning“. At the end of the song, the band thanked the crowd and said they would return again.

The Black Queen puts on a fantastic show. From beginning to end, the band is able to capture your attention and keep you entertained the entire performance. Their show needs to be experienced by any fan of music in general. If these guys play a show near you, make sure to be there.

Check out The Black Queen set list here.


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