Cannabis Corpse Comes To Seattle

On Tuesday April 23, death metal veterans Cannabis Corpse played a show in Seattle. The concert took place at Seattle’s newest venue Club Sur. Doors opened for the show at 7:00 o’clock with the show starting at 8:00.

First up for the evening was Pound from Seattle. For the audience members in attendance who didn’t know them, they certainly weren’t going to forget them after their performance. As soon as the lights went out guitarist Ryan Schutte walked up to the mic and introduced the band. When they started playing, fans got intrigued by their unique sound and made their way closer to the stage. The band has a math metal, grind core, and sludge sound. The music being made by Schutte and drummer David Stickney was unbelievably technical, and it flowed together flawlessly. The transitions were spot on and the crowd loved it. When the set was over, the audience was still standing there questioning what they just saw. Pound is a band you must check out live or on album. You will not be disappointed.

Following that set was Micawber from Green Bay, Wisconsin. The four piece death band came out ready to tear it up! Their set started off with the song ‘Full Denim Jacket‘. The energy the band was showing reminded many audience member of old school death metal bands. With blistering fast riffs and pounding double bass, some audience members started to headbang and throw up their horns. As more people started to walk towards the stage, the band went into playing their next song, ‘In Shadow And Light‘. As the set came to a close, the band thanked the crowd for coming out on a Tuesday night to support extreme music. Their set ended with the song ‘Funeral March‘. Micawber puts on a great live show for any fan of metal. Make sure to check them out when they are playing a show near you.

Next up was Cannabis Corpse from Richmond, Virginia. The marijuana based death metal band came out to an anxious crowd. Their 45 minute set started off with the song ‘Baptized In Bud‘. As soon as the song started the crowd began to head bang and throw up their horns. The band ripped through the song and quickly went into playing their hit ‘Chronolith‘ off of their album “Tube Of The Resinated“.  As the song progressed a couple audience members started to move around and shove each other to try to get the mosh pit started. Throughout the set, vocalist Phillip Landphil” Hall would give funny introductions to the songs. One of the best introductions was for the bands hit ‘Staring Through My Eyes That Are Red’. 

During the end of the set, Hall would once again thank the crowd for coming out on a Tuesday night to come and rage with them. Their set came to a close with the song ‘Experiment In Horticulture‘. When the song started a person dressed as a bud of marijuana came running through the crowd to start up the pit. The crowd went wild and had a laugh while they moshed around. Cannabis Corpse puts on a fun show for any fan of metal. The humor they use throughout their set compliments their skills as musicians and performers. Make sure to check them out when they announce a show near you.

The headlining spot for the evening went to Psycroptic. With an already rowdy crowd, the band came out and went straight into playing their song ‘Euphorinasia‘. As soon as the song started the crowd immediately started to headbang and throw up their horns. After that song was finished the band said hello to the crowd and then started to play ‘We Were The keepers‘ off of their album “As The Kingdom Drown“. As the set continued, the band got the crowd to move closer to the stage as they tore through their hour long set. Their set came to a close with the song ‘As The Kingdom Drowns’. Psycroptic knows how to put on quite a show. The technical skill of their set is beyond amazing, and the emotion they pour out on stage is incredible. Make sure to check them out live.


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