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Cannabis Corpse
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On March 23, death metal veterans Cannabis Corpse were in town. During their stop in Seattle, I got the chance to sit down for a few minutes with vocalist Philip Hall. When I arrived to the venue, we figured out we had both arrived there at the same time. Once we linked up for the interview, we walked into the back of the venue for a quick chat before their soundcheck started, while smoking on a nuken strain. Cannabis usage, especially through vaporizers, is becoming more and more intertwined with the entertainment industry as we can also see from events like Nitish Sakhuja’s comedy show (learn more here). There, the audience is welcome if not encouraged to smoke, as part of a new trend of combining pot with comedy. Whether you want to partake in that or not, there is still plenty of music and comedy to enjoy so here’s our interview!

YesterdazeNews Magazine, Patrick Burt: Hi Philip, thanks for the interview today. How’s your day going?

Hall: It’s going good! We’re in Seattle! We’re on a bill with awesome bands, so it’s good!

That’s awesome to hear! How has the tour been for you so far?

Hall: It’s going well! The shows and crowds have been good. Plus we’re on tour with Psycropic and Micawber so things are really going good.

Speaking of the shows and crowds. I saw that you guys played in Denver on April 20th.

Hall: (chuckles) Yes, Yes we did.

How was that show? Was it any more wild than normal?

Hall: Denver is a great city when it comes to smoking weed. Everybody seemed really pumped about coming to the show and hanging out with Cannabis Corpse to get their brains melted by death metal. And the weed.

Sounds about right. I’m expecting, and hoping, that Seattle will be just about as wild as they were.

Hall: Hey, we appreciate anybody that wants to come out and share support for Cannabis Corpse! Afterwards, maybe we’ll even smoke a doobie or enjoy some shatter with you to say thanks.

Your last album “Left Hand Pass” came out in 2017. Are there any plans for a new album to be released soon?

Hall: We are working on a new album right now. It is in the mastering stages now, so hopefully, we will have a new slice of marijuana death metal coming your way by the end of the year.

Final question before you have to head off to sound check. Last year, your album “Tube Of The Resinated” celebrated it’s ten year anniversary. Congratulations on that!

Hall: Thank you!

With that album being such a special album to all Cannabis Corpse fans, do you think that somewhere down the line, or even sometime soon, you may play it in full to celebrate it’s release?

Hall: We prefer to play a mix of all of our records during our sets. “Tube Of The Resinated” is an album that people seem to appreciate a lot. When we made that album it was very early in out Cannabis Corpse career and I’m glad that people like that album so much. To be honest though, just come on out to one of our shows and you will get a little taste of everything we have to offer!

Thank you so much for your time Philip!

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