Carlie Hanson Performs In Seattle!

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On Tuesday May 7, Carlie Hanson made a tour stop in Seattle. The rising pop singer performed at Seattle’s famous Neptune Theater. Alongside her for the performance was Bad Suns. Before doors even opened, the crowd gathered across the street to wait for the show. As I walked by, I could hear the fans talk about how excited they were for the show. Many of the fans mentioned how long they had waited to see both of the performers. Doors opened for the show at 7:00 o’clock, and within no time, the front was completely full. The crowd was anxious for the show to start and they were ready to have some fun.

First up was Carlie Hanson. When the lights went out, the venue erupted in applause and cheer. As soon as the band hit the stage, the audience screamed! Many of the fans at the front of the barricade started to reach out their hands in hopes to get a high five from Hanson. Her 40 minute set started off with the song ‘Why Did You Lie?‘. As the song went on, the crowd started to move around and dance. After the song was finished, Hanson welcomed the crowd to the show and introduced herself and her band. The band then went into playing ‘Toxins‘. During the song, Hanson noticed a fan recording the song on their phone. She grabbed the fans phone and brought it on stage with her and sang into it. The crowd went wild when they saw what she was doing.

Throughout the set, Hanson showcased an extremely high energy performance. During each song she would go end to end on stage to interact with the fans. Her performance came to an end with the song ‘Us‘. Carlie Hanson puts on a fantastic show for any fan of pop and alternative. The Energy and showmanship she has as a performer reminds me a bit of a young Gwen Stefani when she was in No Doubt. Make sure to catch her live whenever she comes to a city near you. Also, make sure to check out her debut EP when it comes out later this summer.

The headlining spot for the night went to Bad Suns. The California based rock band came out to an electric crowd. When the lights went, the strobe light bars lit up one by one on each side of the stage. When all of the lights were lit, the band came out on stage and immediately started playing their song ‘Away We Go’ off of their latest album “Mystic Truth“. The crowd started swaying side to side a bit as the crowd started to jump around to the rhythm of the song. After that song was finished, drummer Miles Morris played a small drum fill before going into their song ‘Daft Pretty Boys‘. During the song, vocalist Christo Bowman would lean back and forth with his microphone stand as he leaned closer to the audience.

The bands set went on for a little over an hour and came to an end with the song ‘One Magic Moment‘. As the band made their exit off stage, they waved to the crowd and thanked them for coming out to the show. Bad Suns puts on a fun show for fans of alternative rock. The diversity in their songs makes their sound unique and sets them apart from many others. Check them out live when they announce a show near you.

Carlie Hanson set list for Seattle:

Why Did You Lie?


Where You At



Only One

Back In My Arms




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