Archspire Kicks Off Tech Trek Tour In Seattle

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On Thursday May 9, technical death metal juggernauts Archspire came to Seattle. The band started off their Tech Trek IV tour at Seattle’s famous venue El Corazon. The line up for the show was massive! The touring acts were, Wormhole,  Virvum, and Inferi. Doors for the show opened at 6:30 with the show starting at 7:00.

First up for the evening was local tech death act Aethereus from Tacoma. The band came out to an already rowdy crowd who packed the front of the stage. Vocalist Vance Bratcher welcomed the audience to the show before going into their first song. Quickly the crowd began to head bang along to the rhythm. During their final song the band got the crowd to start moving. The first of many mosh pits for the night opened up. The crowd was having a good time running around and the band seemed to love their enthusiasm. Aethereus puts on a great live show for any technical death metal fan. Each song they have is different from the other. Make sure to check them out.

Next up was Odyssian from Seattle. As soon as the band hit the stage, the crowd started to move forward and push each other around a bit. Quickly the audience began to mosh around throughout the entirety of the first song. As the set continued, more people started to come in fill up the floor. In the middle of their set, the band announced that they would be performing a cover song. During the introduction of the song, the band played a sample of a clip from the show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia that talked about eating human meat. As soon as the clip ended the band went into playing ‘Eaten‘ by Bloodbath. The crowd immediately started to sing along. Not to long after, the bands half hour set came to a close. Odyssian puts on quite a show. Make sure to check them out live.

Following that set was Wormhole from Maryland. The technical slam band was able to stir up the crowd into a frenzy from the first riff. When vocalist Duncan Bentley walked out on stage, he told the Seattle to crowd to get on stage and jump on someone. Without a moments notice, the first stage dive of the night took place. As soon as the audience member landed, all hell broke loose and the floor looked like a warzone. When the first song was over Bentley introduced the band to the crowd and immediately went into playing the next song.

Throughout the set, the band would get up close and personal with all of the fans. During the beginning of the final song a fan yelled out “someone call the slambulance!” which got a laugh from the audience and band. After the song was over, the band thanked the crowd for coming out and showing them a good time. Wormhole is one of the most crushing bands to see live. Each song gets more and more intense as the set continues. When these guys announce a show near you make sure to be there.

The fourth band on the bill was Virvum from Switzerland. The audience had been buzzing about the band before their set even started. As soon as the lights went out, the crowd cheered as loud as they could. When the band started the audience members on the floor quickly began to move. As the band continued their set, the crowd became more invested in the technicality they showcased. Throughout the set, the crowd fed off the energy of the band as they played songs such as ‘Illuminance‘ and ‘Tentacles Of The Sun‘. When their 35 minute set came to a close, the crowd gave them one of the loudest ovations of the night. Virvum is a very special band. These guys are incredible musicians, and their showmanship is unmatched. Make sure to check these guys out live. You won’t be disappointed.

The next band up was Inferi from Nashville, Tennessee. When the band walked out on stage, the crowd rushed the stage and started moving around. Vocalist Stevie Boiser was able to pull the crowd in with his one of a kind vocals as the band went into playing ‘Those Who From The Heavens Came‘. After the song was finished the band quickly went into playing ‘The Promethean Kings‘ off their album “The Path Of  Apotheosis“. As the set continued, the crowd grew more excited by the band. The bands 40 minute set came to a close with the song ‘A Final Warming Shine: Ascension And Trespassing‘. Inferi puts on a fun show for any fan of melodic death metal.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Archspire!!!!! As the crowd prepared themselves for the performance, the band came out and did their own sound check. As soon as the lights turned out and the set started, you could see why they set it up themselves. Everything about their performance was perfect from the get go. The band started off their hour long set with a song off of their latest album “Relentless Mutation“. The fans in attendance were in for a treat, the band was going to be playing that album in full! As the band went into their second song, vocalist Oli Peters asked the crowd where the pit went. When the crowd heard that, the audience members began running through each other.

Throughout the set, the crowd fed off the energy of the band. The band poked fun at the crowd every once and a while, which made the set seem more down to earth. The bands hour long set came to an end with the song ‘Remote Tumor Seeker‘. Archspire puts on one of the most mindboggling and intense shows. Every song they play is different from the other but yet, even more intense. Make sure to check this band out live. They will blow you away.


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