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On Saturday May 18, hardcore legends Hatebreed came to Seattle on their 25th anniversary tour. The line up for the Seattle show was huge! The support bands for the evening were, Obituary, Agnostic Front, Prong, and Skeletal Remains. Doors for the show opened at 5:30 PM with the show starting at 6:00.

First up was Skeletal Remains from Whittier, California. The four piece death metal band started off their half hour set with the song ‘Devouring Morality‘. While the band was playing, audience members were still coming in the venue and they began to fill up the front of the barrier. When the first song was finished, vocalist Chris Monroy welcomed the crowd and introduced the band. After the introduction they quickly went into playing their song ‘Torture Labyrinth‘. Their set came to a close with the song ‘Traumatic Existence‘ off of their album “Beyond The Flesh“. Skeletal Remains puts on a killer show for any fan of old school style death metal. Check them out!

Next up was Prong from New York. The venue had filled up nicely before their set started, and vocalist Tommy Victor noticed it from the moment the band walked on stage. As soon as Victor got to his microphone, he looked out at the crowd and told them to move around and get rowdy. The crowd was happy to oblige as a mosh pit opened up before the band even started their first song. When the crowd began to move, the band began to play their song ‘Unconditional‘. The audience members up front were being pressed against the rail but were singing along to every word.

Throughout the set, the band would walk around on stage and interact with each other. Victor would walk over and lean against bass player Jason Christopher. The crowd was loving the performance and the band was feeding off the crowds energy. Their set came to a close with their hit song ‘Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck‘. Prong plays a high energy show that needs to be seen by any fan of metal. Make sure to check these guys out when they announce a show near you.

Following that performance was Agnostic Front. The hardcore punk legends came out to a crowd that was ready to go crazy! As soon as the lights went out the audience roared and began pushing forward. When guitarist Vinnie Stigma walked out and raised his guitar the crowd grew louder. Without a moment to spare, the band quickly began playing ‘The Eliminator‘. Within no time the first of many crowd surfers came up and over the security barrier. During the song vocalist Roger Miret began running across the stage riling up the crowd even more. When the song was finished they went straight into playing ‘Dead To Me‘. As the set continued the band quickly played ‘For My Family‘, and ‘Victim In Pain‘.

Halfway through the set, Miret noticed a young fan in the audience sitting on her dads’ shoulders. Miret invited the father and daughter on stage to watch the rest of their set from side stage. The very next song, he saw another young fan and invited the child and father up on stage as well. When the song was finished, he had both kids and parents come out on stage. He then talked about how that was what hardcore was all about. Their 35 minute set came to a close with the song ‘Addiction‘. Agnostic Front puts on one of the most high energy show I have personally ever seen. If you haven’t seen them yet, I highly suggest you do. Make sure to be ready to hit the pit and have fun screaming along to their songs!

The fourth band of the night was Obituary from Tampa, Florida. Before the band came out to play, the stage hands were making sure the fog machines were working. The stage was being covered in so much fog the crowd was beginning to blow it back towards the machine. This got a laugh out of everyone. The band started off their 40 minute set with their classic hit ‘Redneck Stomp‘. Quickly a massive mosh pit took up the floor as the hard hitting instrumental song continued. When vocalist John Tardy walked out on stage, the band began to play ‘Threatening Skies’ off their album “Back From The Dead“. When Tardy let out one of his patented screams, and the crowd went wild.

As the set continued, the band played songs that spanned their entire discography. With each song, the audience grew more captivated by the bands sheer intensity. Their set came to a close with their hit song ‘Slowly We Rot‘. Obituary knows how to put on an amazing show for any fan of old school death metal. Check these guys out live if they announce a show near you.

Finally, the moment the crowd had been waiting for, Hatebreed!!!!! When the lights went out, the audience cheered and started chanting “Hatebreed! Hatebreed!“. As soon as the band hit the stage they immediately began playing their hit song ‘To The Threshold‘. Vocalist Jamey Jasta lead the crowd in screaming out the beginning words of the song with him. While he did that, the audience began to jump and move around. The mosh pit had taken up most of the floor and the fans began to throw themselves up and over the security barrier. After that song, the band quickly went into playing ‘A.D.‘ off their album “The Concrete Confessional“. The high energy performance continued as the band went into playing their smash hit ‘Perseverance’. During the song, audience members kept trying to get closer to Jasta to sing along with him.

Throughout the set, the band would talk about how special the tour was for them. They mentioned that being able to celebrate 25 years was a special feat they were honored to have achieved. Jasta also talked about how at one point the hardcore scene was getting so small in the northwest, they were almost having to cancel shows when they came out here. He then said how happy he was that hardcore has made a comeback in the northwest. The bands set came to a close with the hit song ‘I Will Be Heard‘.

Hatebreed puts on a show like no other. They expect full audience participation and will accept nothing less. The amount of power you feel after seeing this band live is unreal. The motivation they throw out at you will make you feel like you can take on the world. If you haven’t had the chance to see them live, you are missing out. Whenever they announce a show near you make sure to be there. They will not disappoint. Long live Hatebreed!!

Check out the Hatebreed set list for Seattle here!

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