Devastation On The Nation Tour Comes To Seattle

Devastation On The Nation
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On March 21, Seattle was next in line for the Devastation On The Nation tour. The line up for the tour was massive! The co-headliners for the tour were Dark Funeral and Belphegor. Alongside them were IncantationHateVale Of Pnath, and Nightmarer. Doors for the show opened early at around 5 o’clock, with the first band on at 5:20. As the venue filled up, a long line stretched for the merchandise booths. It was great seeing the fans supporting all the acts on their long tour throughout North America.

First up for the evening was Seattle’s Drawn And Quartered. The blackened death metal band put on quite a performance for the fans that got their early. Their 25 minute set was filled with ferocious blast beats and sinister vocals and guitars. Make sure to check these guys out whenever they play a show near you.

Next up was Nightmarer from Tampa, Florida. With the venue starting to fill up more, the crowd flooded the main floor. The band set the tone for their set by having very little light. The vibe they were setting made you feel as if doom was heading your way. After the band finished their first song, their vocalist introduced the band and welcomed them the crowd to the show. When their set came to a close, the audience gave a massive ovation as the band thanked the crowd for coming out early. Nightmarer puts on a fantastic show for any fan of metal.

Following that set was Vale Of Pnath from Denver, Colorado. Many audience members were talking about the band before they came on stage. With the things I had been hearing, I was very excited for the set to start. As soon as the lights went out, the crowd pushed forward to get closer to the band. When the band walked out, chaos ensued as a mosh pit opened up and took up a good portion of the floor. Vocalist Reece Deeter loved the energy and riled up the crowd even more. The crowd never stopped moving throughout the set and the band fed off of the crowd reaction.

Vale Of Pnath puts on an incredible show for any technical death metal fan. The bands lyrical content and unique sound puts them on a different level. Make sure to check these guys out live. You will not be disappointed.

After that performance was Hate from Poland. It had been nearly eight years since the band had been in Seattle. The Seattle crowd had been waiting for another chance to see these guys and the crowd could hardly wait. As soon as the lights went out a massive roar echoed throughout the venue. The set started off with a slow but heavy intro which got the crowd to throw up their horns and head bang. As the pace of the song picked up, the crowd began to move around a bit. When vocalist Adam Buszko approached the microphone to scream into it, the audience lost it!

Throughout the set, the band hardly took a break in between songs. It was an all out aural assault! The crowd loved every minute of it as Hate laid waste to everyone in the venue. Hate puts on one of the most intense performances I have ever seen. If you haven’t had the chance to see them live yet, I highly suggest doing so! They will blow you away.

Up next was Incantation. Many audience members were pumping themselves up for the set before the band came on. When the lights went out the crowd cheered as the venue filled with fog and red light. Over the speakers in the venue you could hear a sample from the classic horror movie The Evil Dead. The sample was talking about the Necronomicon which really set the tone for the set. When the band started playing the audience members on the floor went berserk! The crowd continued to stay at a high intensity as the band pummeled them with their heaviness.

When the set came to a close, vocalist John McEntee thanked the crowd for supporting extreme music. Incantation puts on a fun show for any fan of old school death metal. Check them out!

The next band on the bill was black metal heavy weights Belphegor! While the set was being changed, an eerie soundtrack was being played over the speakers. As the soundtrack continued, the stagehands started putting out the giant upside down crosses and skulls on the stage. When the crowd saw these props they cheered and started taking pictures of the items. As soon as the lights went out, the crowd cheered and you could distinctly hear an audience member yell “Hail Satan!”. When the people in the crowd heard this a few yelled it back as well. The bands hour long set started off with the song ‘Sanctus Diaboli Confidimus‘. When the song started the floor immediately started moving.

Following that song the band quickly went into playing ‘Totenkult – Exegesis of Deterioration‘. Throughout the set vocalist Helmuth Lehner would make faces and roll his eyes back as he played. In between songs, Lehner would whisper into the microphone causing the speech to sound far more sinister. The bands set came to a close with their hit song ‘Gasmask Terror‘. Belphegor puts on one hell of a show. Their stage presence is incredible and they know how to entertain an audience. When these guys announce a show near you, make sure to be there!

The headlining spot for the evening went to Dark Funeral. The stage was set up with large banners and large metal pentagrams that went across the stage. When the lights went out the crowd went crazy! When the band walked out they quickly began playing their hit song ‘King Antichrist‘. The crowd couldn’t get enough of the band as the audience sang along. Vocalist Heljarmadr was getting up close with the fans in the front row by yelling face level with them. After the song, the band quickly went into playing ‘Ravenna Strigoi Mortil‘ from their album “Vobiscum Satanas“.

Throughout the set, the band would interact with the audience by talking to them. One of the many highlights of the set was when Heljarmadr brought out a whip. He used the whip as a prop during a song and he would crack it across his leg at times. As the evening came to a close, the band thanked the crowd for coming out to the show. The band ended their set with the song ‘Where Shadows Forever Reign‘. Dark Funeral puts on an incredible show! The theatrics they use along with their showmanship makes each performance amazing. If you haven’t seen them live yet, make sure to do so!

The Devastation On The Nation tour is continuing through June 15. Check the events Facebook page and your local venues website for tickets. Make sure to get to one of these shows! The line up is stacked and you do NOT want to miss this tour.


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