James Holkworth and the Coolbenders – We Want to Be Famous | Album Review

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James Holkworth and the Coolbenders Cover artJames Holkworth and the Coolbenders
Album: We Want to Be Famous
Label: Independent
Genre: Blues Rock
Release Date: May 1, 2019
Rating: 4 of 5

I’d never heard of James Holkworth and the Coolbenders before this album, so having no prior expectations I went into this album with no expectations. With the opening intro in “The Gator”, I thought at first it was going to be some sort of psychedelic experience, but that quickly gave way to a set of bluesy guitar chords with the addition of a slow drumming and cymbals. As the vocals opened up the rest of the song, I knew this was going to be a real experience.

That first song, gave way to traditional lyrics, cool backing vocals, essence of the steel guitar twanging in the background all wrapped into gritty vocals that pulled all the element into one cohesive musical experience.

The slower blues gave way in the second track to an upbeat fun track that embodied the fun that should be in music. The title “Absinthe and Bad Rehearsals” alone should tell any listener this isn’t your ordinary laid back track. The lyrics were catchy as hell too, very easy to sing along to and memorable.

This album continued on with that perfect blend of push and pull between tracks of upbeat, then a slower downbeat tempo for what rendered a great album that was packed full of great writing, great music and lots of fun that carried through to the final track. A bonus track “Nightmare” with lyrics that were crazy enough to carry the title of the song! “Phil Lynott is blonde”, ending with “Go back to sleep bitch” in a creepy voice, that sounds like a nightmare to me!

I think any music fan who loves the blend of twangy blues with rock and a sense of fun, will love this album! Go out and grab your copy today!

The Gator
Absinthe and Bad Rehearsals
Bad Hair Day
The Probe
Grocery Store
Sexy in the USA
Jerry Johnson
No Deliverance
Southern Life – Bonus Track
Nightmare – Bonus Track

James Holkworth and the Coolbenders are:
James Holkworth – Background vocals and sounds
Pete Ledderman – Guitars and background vocals
Gus Rackbatter – Drums
Adam Barron – Lead  and background vocals
Coolbender – Slide guitars and harmonica
LeRoy LeDuf – Bass, harmonica and background vocals
Annie McNivendale – Background vocals and moral support

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