Judas Priest Brings The Firepower To ACL Live In Austin

Judas Priest,
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Legendary Metal Gods Judas Priest Rocks ACL Live

ACL Live in Austin, Tx played host to the legendary rock band Judas Priest for night one of two performed in such an intimate environment. While Judas Priest has always been known for playing larger arenas so this was was a real treat.

With Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” playing loud over the crowd anxiously waiting for Priest to take the stage. As the music stops, the lights went dim and a roar from the crowd begins as the intro of “Necromancer” plays. While longtime mainstays bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis make their way out to the stage. Guitarist Richie Faulkner and guitarist Andy Sneap made their way to the stage next. As the band was shredding into the track a silhouette of Halford could be seen behind a curtain towards the side of the stage. The metal god himself Rob Halford made his grand entrance on stage to a roaring from the crowd. Halford was decked out in a purple and black VooDoo like outfit with a top hat complete with feathers and a skull and bones along with a staff in hand garnished with leather tassels, feathers, a skull covered in crystal.

Watch No Surrender:

Going into the show it was clear that this was going to go down as one for the record books, not just seeing Priest live in such a special venue but comprehending that nearly half of the setlist were tracks that haven’t been performed live in years, some that stood out from the set were “Heading Out to the Highway” 2012, “The Sentinel” 2012, “Out in the Cold” 1986 and “All Guns Blazing” 1991, with these highlights, were the live debuts of “Spectre” and “(Take These) Chains.” One thing absolutely must be said about Halford’s sound is that it is still in top form, the man never misses a note and can still hold onto the greatest of vicious screams like the metal god that he is.

The night was nearing its end and it was time to start closing out the set, with the engine of his motorcycle revving as smoke filled the stage as fans cheered, Halford, rode his way back out onto center stage in classic Priest style for before the rest of band joined him for “Hell Bent For Leather,” as they sang along to the song while Halford held the mic out for them as if the crowd wasn’t loud enough, but the night wasn’t over just yet it was right into the encore from there with the back to back heavy fan favs “Breaking the Law” and straight into “Living After Midnight” with fans holding their horns high toward the end of the song. What a night to remember.

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Heading Out to the Highway
The Sentinel
(Take These) Chains
Judas Rising
Out in the Cold
Traitors Gate
Halls of Valhalla
No Surrender
Victim of Changes
All Guns Blazing
Hell Bent for Leather
Breaking the Law
Living After Midnight

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