Daze of Summer Band: Crystal Eyes

Crystal Eyes
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Daze of Summer Band #1: Crystal Eyes

Welcome to our summer feature where every day from June 1 to August 31 we will be sharing a band with you. You may already know the band and you may not. Our entire focus for this feature is to connect all of our amazing readers with bands to discover new music or new to you music. The world-wide web is a large place full of many bands, it can be hard to find a new band and it’s hard for bands to find you to give them a chance. So sit back and enjoy meeting some new bands this summer. We hope you dig many of them and connect with them.

First up for you is some heavy metal from a not so new band from Borås, Sweden. As a matter of fact, Crystal Eyes has been around since 1992 and believe it or not, I hadn’t even come across them yet in all my explorations of Swedish Metal. These guys are dishing out some classic ripping heavy metal with crazy riffage, blood curdling vocals, crazy tempos and just all around juicy metal. It’s not all just metal though, they have some brilliant ballads to calm your heartbeat after raising your

Crystal Eyes has 7 albums out now and just finished recording their 8th album which they will be mixing and mastering in June and planned for release last in 2019.

Crystal Eyes are:
Mikael Dahl – Vocals, Guitar
Jonatan Hallberg – Guitar
Claes Wikander – Bass
Henrik Birgersson – Drums

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Crystal Eyes Band Bio:
Crystal Eyes was formed in 1992 by Mikael Dahl and Niclas Karlsson to keep the legacy of Heavy Metal set in the 80’s by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Accept etc. A strong underground reputation was built during the mid 90’s with 4 official demo-tapes. In 1996 Crystal Eyes launched their official website and supported Blind Guardian the same year. The debut “World Of Black And Silver” (1998) and the follow-up “In Silence They March” (2000) were released by CLM. The records received great reviews and Crystal Eyes could be seen supporting bands like Yngwie Malmsteen and Candlemass.

The 3rd album “Vengeance Descending” (2003) was recorded and mixed in Crystal Eyes newly built own studio and featured guest vocals by Gerd Salewski (ex Chroming Rose) and Daniel Heiman (ex Lost Horizon). The record was released by Heavy Fidelity and gave Crystal Eyes a spot on Sweden Rock Festival in 2003. Mikael who’d been the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter since the beginning felt it was time to take a step back from the microphone.

The 4th album “Confessions Of The Maker” (2005) featured Daniel Heiman on vocals. This year Crystal Eyes was the opening act on Sweden Rock Festival and this became the only appearance with Daniel. By the end of the year a permanent singer was found in Nico Adamsen. Before the 5th album the band decided to take a step up in the production. “Dead City Dreaming” (2006) was recorded at Crystal Sounds and mixed by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman. This co-operation was so successful that Nordström directly was hired for the next record.

The 6th album “Chained” (2008) was released by Metal Heaven. In 2009 Nico explained that he didn’t have time to play live and since Mikael was handling the vocals on rehearsals, demo-recordings and in the Judas Priest tribute band Defenders Of The Faith it was clear that he was the right singer for Crystal Eyes. The 20th anniversary in 2012 was celebrated with special gigs including former members and songs from every record. With Mikael back on lead vocals the band recorded their 7th album “Killer”, which was once again mixed at Studio Fredman and released by Massacre Records in 2014.

In early 2015 it was clear that something was wrong and the chemistry in the band didn’t work anymore. Mikael and Claes Wikander who were the only members featured on all Crystal Eyes albums felt it was time for a break. Mikael and Claes continued their path of Heavy Metal in Defenders Of The Faith which since 2014 included the fantastic drummer Henrik Birgersson. After 2 years of convincing drumming Henrik was invited for an audition and got the job right away. For the second guitarist the band didn’t have to look far. A young band called Amnesia had recorded a demo in Crystal Eyes studio a couple of years earlier and the talented Jonatan Hallberg had made a real impression. Jonatan was the first and only choice and after one rehearsal in 2017 the strongest line-up in Crystal Eyes history was complete. After an acclaimed performance at the Trvheim Festival in Munich in late 2018 the new line-up went back to the studio to record 10 songs for the upcoming 8th album.


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