Daze of Summer Band: Hospital Lies


Hospital Lies
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Daze of Summer Band #2: Hospital Lies

Day 2 brings  you some local Seattle flavor with Hospital Lies. A new creation between duo Kevin and Josh, it’s rough, intense and just wow! It’s a mix of Dark/Pop/Rock that’s heavy, distorted, creepy and almost hypnotic at the same time. They are a bit illusive and I can’t tell you all that much about them as a band since they are brand new, but in this case…. just let the music tell you who they are.

The band has recorded their first EP, which will be coming out sometime in 2019. The track “Bleed” was written as a Valentine’s Day card for the fans of the band and I can say, my heart is bleeding for more of this!

If you want to really get to know more about the band, I have to tell you, start on their Instagram page from their very first post through their last. They are telling a story there that is really fun and more fun to watch unfold.  It’s a great mix of photos and videos to pull you in and make you a fan!

Hospital lies are:



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