92 Daze of Summer Day 3: Between The Vines


Between the Vines

92 Daze of Summer Band #3: Between The Vines

Day 3 brings  you some some Southern Country Rock from across the pond in Rochdale, UK with Between The Vines! Now, do not let the UK twist fool you for this genre, this is legitimately some great sounding music. Not only does it have the authentic Southern Country Rock instrumental feel throughout, the vocals are like a shot Southern Comfort, strong and will catch your attention.

Vocalist, Rebecca Whitehead has incredible vocals. They are sultry with a fabulous rich tone. She honestly sounds like she was made for this specific style of singing. This band actually caught me off guard, knowing that drummer Kevin Whitehead is also a bit of a rocker with the band DARE, whom I adore! Quite the contrast in musical styles but also reinforces the fact that he’s an incredible drummer. 

If you really enjoy this genre, you will want to check this group out.

Between The Vines are:
Rebecca Whitehead – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Kev Whitehead – Drums (from DARE and Barclay James Harvest)
Mark Stelfox – Lead Guitar
Craig Fletcher – Bass, Backing Vocals (also from Barclay James Harvest)




Find Between The Vines

You can find  online here: Facebook / Instagram / Website / YouTube


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