92 Daze of Summer Day 4: Bai Bang


Bai Bang
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92 Daze of Summer Band #4: Bai Bang

Day 4 brings you the veteran Glam Rocker’s Bai Bang from Helsingborg, Sweden. This band has been kicking around since 1987, still making great new albums and still touring. They’ve made 9 albums so far and for some reason have been overlooked along the way when their music should honestly have demanded more attention.

Song writer Diddi Kastenholt has a way of writing that makes songs instantly ones the fans can sing along with, rock out to and that could easily be played on most rock radio stations. 

The band just released a compilation album from their last four albums on May 31st that gives listeners an instant taste of what they’ve been doing over the years. The digital version also includes two older tracks to take you back even further. They are working on their next full length album that’s planned for 2020 with plans to release a few new singles ahead of it. So check out their catalog and get into what they have been doing to be ready for what’s coming next! 

Bai Bang are:
Diddi Kastenholt – Vocals
Filip Vilhelmsson – Guitar, backing vocals
Poffe Roxx – Bass
Oskar Wennberg – Drums
Micke Rosengren – (current touring drummer)





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