92 Daze of Summer Day 10: Beatnik Neon


Beatnik Neon
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92 Daze of Summer Band #10: Beatnik Neon

Day 10 brings us to Beatnik Neon. This experimental musical collaboration between Nolan Farmer (Houston, Texas) and Yann Marc (France) that at first I wasn’t sure I what I was listening to as I started with Throwing Flares (ft. Miears on vocals), but gave it a chance. Then as the vocals came into the track I found myself listening closer to what was going on in the music.

No two tracks sound the same, some have string elements, others rock guitar riffs, others sonic hypnotic flares. I am not typically the type to sit down and listen to something this abstract or experimental, but in this case, I really enjoyed it. I would suggest giving this artist a chance and take a listen to what they are doing. It’s pretty cool.

Beatnik Neon is: 
Nolan Farmer
Yann Marc
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