92 Daze of Summer Day 13: Crashdiet



92 Daze of Summer Band #13: Crashdiet

Day 13 brings us to Crashdiet. Certainly not a new name to me, or to many of our readers. To some of you though, this will be a new name or one you need a reminder about. This Sleaze Rock group from Stockholm, Sweden is always a ton of fun to listen to and live are even more fun. The guys have been working on new music and just yesterday released a new music video for the June 2019 single “Idiots”.  Having been around since 2002 and numerous albums under their belts, they clearly intend to stick around.

If you enjoy rowdy music that’s meant to be fun this is the band for you. They don’t take themselves too seriously but definitely put out seriously good music. One band that you should check out.

Crashdiet are: 

Gabriel Keys – Lead Vocals
Martin Sweet – Guitar
Peter London – Bass
Eric Young – Drums





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