Daze of Summer Band: Merging Flare


Merging Flare
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Daze of Summer Band #14: Merging Flare

Day 14 brings us to Merging Flare. Seeing how today is their release date for ‘Revolt Regime’ it seemed to be the perfect day to introduce you to this band! This Finnish metal band is going to melt your face off with their metal. You may recognize a few of this band’s members from other projects too; Amberian Dawn, Heavy Metal Perse, Domination
Black, Elenium and Beast In Black.

I’ve taken ‘Revolt Regime’ for a spin. It’s heavy, authentic and packed full of killer riffs, manic tempos and insane vocals. Every fan of heavy metal will feel the truth in their music. Old school fans of metal, you can rejoice, this band delivers a dose of in your face metal! Go discover them today!!

Merging Flare are: 

Matias Palm – vocals
Kasperi Heikkinen – guitar
Harri Leinonen – bass
Henri Pyy – drums




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