92 Daze of Summer Day 18: Fog Light


Fog Light

92 Daze of Summer Band #18: Fog Light

Day 18 brings us to Fog Light. This experimental instrumental trio from Finland is very much a Prog Metal project that pulls influences from 70´s prog and fusion. 

From their bio the band tell’s you who they are:

“The band draws its influences from the surrounding world and strives to experiment with their instruments. Musical influences includes vast array of bands and artists: Tony MacAlpine, Virgil Donati, Allan Holdsworth, King Crimson, 90s death metal, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath …….
In the spring of 2016, after just leaving Omnium Gatherum, Jarmo asked the brothers if theres any projects where the drummer’s place is open. From the dissolved “Van Halen”- esque band, there was tracks left that needed drums. “Should we try them as instrumentals?”
And so was born….. Fog Light”


Fog Light are: 

Jarmo Pikka (drums)
Saku Hakuli (guitar)
Pasi Hakuli (bass)




Find Them At:

Facebook | Website


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