92 Daze of Summer Day 21: Solvej Schou


Solvej Schou
Photo by Alex Godinez

92 Daze of Summer Band #21: Solvej Schou

Day 21 brings us to Solvej Schou. This California songstress delivers some kick ass hard blues infused rock with an Americana twist that you’re going to enjoy. She’s got a bit of punch and lots of fun energy that makes her entertaining to watch as well as listen to.

Schou released her first full length album Quiet For Too Long on June 9, 2019. The songs on the album talk about issues ranging from police brutality, anti-immigrant fervor, gun violence, gender equality and powerful womanhood to mortality, depression, love and David Bowie’s death (FLY PR, 2019). 

“These songs, which I wrote before and after Donald Trump was elected, represent me as a woman, a feminist, the American child and grandchild of immigrants, and as someone who unapologetically loves rock,” says Schou. “The album’s title comes from a lyric in my song ‘America’: ‘I’ve been quiet for way too long / In my home, in my bedroom, with my headphones on / As the world burns red / Blue kills black / America, your hatred is gonna crack.’” -Schou

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