92 Daze of Summer Day 23: Splintered Throne


Splintered Throne
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92 Daze of Summer Band #23: Splintered Throne

Day 23 brings us to Splintered Throne. Next we go to the  Portland, Oregon who also dawns their own slogan, Keep Portland Weird, which originated from Austin. Then the weirdness from the TV hit Portlandia, which to those of us living in the Pacific Northwest can agree that Portlandia’s not that far of a reach from what it’s like down in PDX. Haha yes, throwing some shade from Seattle to our odd but fun loving neighbors!

In all seriousness though, PDX has some great metal music all around the city and Splintered Throne is just one of the bands keeping the scene alive there. Sad to say though, as of June 15th, vocalist Brian Garrison has stepped down from the band. But don’t give up on these guys, they will be moving forward with a new vocalist and they are sure to pick someone great to fill his shoes. There’s a number of great heavy metal vocalists in the PDX region so I am sure these guys are going to be shredding away as usual. 
Splintered Throne:
Coming soon – New VOX
J~Mo – Guitar
Fred Osborn – Guitar
Brian Bailey – Bass
Kris Holboke – Drums






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