Daze of Summer Band: Sixty-Nine Crash


Sixty-Nine Crash
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Daze of Summer Band #25: Sixty-Nine Crash

Day 25 brings us to Sixty-Nine Crash. Today we head to South America! This rock band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil caught me off guard with their 2018 release Postcards from the Black Sun. This band looks great and sounds great, the one, two punch combination that always works for me. I am one that appreciates a band that puts the effort into looking how they sound because it always adds to the live experience.

Aside from the aesthetics of how they present their image, their music is solid. Nice rock album that offers strong vocals, nice solo riffs and an all around complete sound. Try out some new Brazilian rock.

Pain City Are:
Jay B Roxx (Vocals/Guitar)
Davis Ramay (Guitar)
Andy Carvalho (Bass)




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