92 Daze of Summer Day 26: Hellsmoke



92 Daze of Summer Band #26: Hellsmoke

Day 26 brings us to Hellsmoke. There’s not a ton I can tell you about this band other than they are from Helsingborg, Sweden and kick some serious rockin’ ass. They have an album called Hellcome To The Badland that was set for release in May, but I haven’t seen it yet am hoping that date of arrival is soon. In the meantime… you can check them out via Facebook and over on YouTube. 

These guys are heavy and raw! I am sure I will welcome the new album when I hear it! So go discover them now and be ready for the new music that’s coming.

Hellsmoke Are:
Ivan Grosmeyer
Christofer Dahlman
Roger Landin
Ulrik Mürer
Torbjörn Månsson






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