92 Daze of Summer Day 28: Battlegrave



92 Daze of Summer Band #28: Battlegrave

Day 28 brings us to Battlegrave. We’ve been very Thrash light on this feature so far, so today we change that up! Meet this in your face, crazy and insanely great thrash band from Melbourne, Australia. This duo released one hell of an album late in 2018 and to date, I am still a bit crazy about it! Relics Of A Dead Earth was something unexpected, fresh and a reminder that just because many of our old school thrashers are calling it quits, the genre isn’t dying. 

If you want to check out last years album review you can do that here, no need for me to rehash what I’ve already said. These guys needed another push to the masses, so go give these guys some attention!!

Battlegrave Are:
Clint Patzel – All Strings
Rohan Buntine – Vocals, Lyrics





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