Daze of Summer Band: Hexed


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Daze of Summer Band #29: Hexed

Day 29 brings us to Hexed. This incredible metal band comes from Uppsala, Sweden and it’s powered with a female vocalist who will give you chills with her vocal range. For me, I appreciate finding female vocalists that I can sing along with. There are no growls in this music, but challenging vocals that make me want to sing along and hit the notes in her range.

Dark metal, amazing vocals, enticing music that pulls from many influences and incorporates timing changes that push and pull listeners through the music. I really enjoyed this artist and look forward to see what comes from them in the future. Go discover Hexed.

Hexed Are:
Tina Gunnarsson – Vocals
Daniel Håkansson – Bass
Stellan Gunnarsson – Guitar
Jay Matharu – Guitar
Simon Aspsund – Drums




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