Mastodon Plays Crack The Skye In Full At Marymoor Park


On Saturday June 22, Mastodon played a show at Marymoor Park In Redmond, Washington. The band was playing their critically acclaimed album ‘Crack The Skye in full in celebration of the tenth anniversary of it’s release. Alongside them was Coheed And Cambria and hardcore punk icons Every Time I Die. The doors at the venue opened at 4:30 PM with the show stating at 5:40. As soon as the doors opened the fans rushed to the merchandise tents to grab the limited edition tour items. Each band had different items for sale specific for the tour with some of the items being autographed. When the time finally came for the music to start, the floor and outside seating filled in quickly.

First up for the evening was Every Time I Die from Buffalo, New York. As the floor continued to fill, guitarist Andy Williams walked out onstage and began playing the intro riff to their song “Roman Holiday“. When the rest of the band walked out on stage and began playing, the tone completely changed. Vocalist Keith Buckley began screaming into the microphone and without any hesitation, the crowd began moshing. When the song was finished, the band quickly went into playing their song “Glitches” off their latest album ‘Low TeensAs the set continued, Buckley welcomed the crowd and then began screaming the beginning to “Underwater Bimbos From Outer space“. During the song the first crowd surfer of the night came up and over the barricade and quickly ran back into the crowd to come back over again.

One of the many highlights of their set came during their song “Floater“. When the ending of the song came up, Buckley stood on the front of the barricade and began singing with the crowd. One by one, the fans began jumping one each other to get the chance to scream along with him. For the rest of the set the energy from the band was matched by the crowd. The bands set came to a close with the song “Map Change“. Every Time I Die puts on one of the most energetic and interactive sets I’ve ever seen. These guys truly know how to put on a show. Make sure to see them whenever the play a city near you.

Next up was Mastodon form Atlanta, Georgia. The crowd was buzzing with excitement in preparation for getting to hear ‘Crack The Skye in full. When the band walked out on stage guitarist Brent Hinds started playing the intro to their song “Oblivion”. As soon as the crowd hear the song kick in, they started singing along. Many fans began rushing towards the front to get closer to the band. When the song was finished they continued playing their album, and went into the next rack “Divinations“. The quick pace of the song stirred the crowd up into a frenzy as a mosh pit opened up and crowd surfers began pouring over the barricade.

During the middle of the song, a guitar solo by Hinds came up and he stepped down from the stage on to a stack in front of the crowd. The audience began reaching out towards Hinds in hopes to get the guitar pick from him when the solo was done. During their song “Quintessence” the LED screens behind them showed an array of colors and numerous faces as well. The trippy visuals behind them was giving the songs an even more intense vibe. When the band finished playing the album in full, they played four different songs for the crowd. The first song was “Bladecatcher“, followed by “Black Tongue“, and then “Ember City“. Just before the final song, Troy Sanders thanked the crowd for coming out and then mentioned the final song was “Blood And Thunder“.

When the crowd heard the intro to the final song, the floor became even more packed as the audience screamed every word of the song. The audience was screaming the chorus almost louder than the band was! As the band walked off stage, drummer Brann Dailor talked to the crowd for a minute. He mentioned the bands long history with the Northwest and their love for the Seattle area. The crowd erupted in cheer as he thanked them and ran off stage. Mastodon puts on an incredible show! Their sound live is on par, if not better than on record! These guys are true showman, and their concerts need to be experienced by any fan of music. Make sure to see these guys live when the announce a show near you. You will not be disappointed.

The headliners for the evening were Coheed And Cambria from Nyack, New York. Before the set started a giant white curtain was placed in front of the stage. When the band was ready to perform a light came through that flashed the bands logo on the curtain. As soon as the curtain dropped the band began playing their song “The Dark Sentencer” off of their latest album ‘The Unheavenly Creatures“. The crowd was jumping up and down singing along with vocalist Claudio Sanchez. During the next song Sanchez would run back and fourth across the stage headbanging. The crowd loved it and decided to head bang along with him. After that song was finished Sanchez put up his guitar and grabbed the microphone and performed the song “Unheavenly Creatures“. He walked out onto a speaker stack and got close to the fans as the reached their hands out.

The bands hour and a half long set came to a close with the song “Welcome Home“. Coheed And Cambria puts on a very fun show for any fan of progressive rock. Their lyrical themes and sound go together well and their live show is fantastic. Make sure to check them out whenever they announce a show in your area.

Mastodon set list for Seattle:




The Czar

Ghost Of Karelia

Crack The Skye

The Last Baron


Black Tongue

Ember City

Blood And Thunder


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