92 Daze of Summer Day 31: Elixir Inc


Elixir Inc

92 Daze of Summer Band #31: Elixir Inc

Day 31 brings us to Elixir Inc. Back to the South American we go again! Another Brazilian rock group for you to enjoy. This group just released their latest album On The Razzle on June 4th. 

Their sound is great, upbeat traditional rock with a blend of that Southern rock twang to it blended with heavy rock riffs and booming rhythmic bass beats plus classic rock drum tempos. Add to that unique and distinct vocals that pull you back toward the 70’s and 80’s unadulterated vocals and you have groovin’ band to rock with.  Something new, but with an old school feel. Take this musical journey! 

Elixir Inc Are:
Vinnie Cusin – Vocal
Gio Marcon – Guitar
Marcel Van der Zwam – Bass 
Bruno Snow – Drums 
Marcos “The Tonny” – Keyboard






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